Climate change is solved, stop everything you are doing.

6 Sep , 2018 Uncategorized

Where can we absorb CO2 in very large amounts, turn it in to carbon and oxygen? What first comes to mind is the Sahara, and with the proper technology that should indeed be a workable solution. But there may be a far better alternative. There’s a bizarre amount of carbon buried as methane, coal and […]

I propose “Market Libertarianism” is terrorism.

31 Aug , 2018 Uncategorized

This qualifies as terrorism. An ideology that even tacitly embraces these viewpoints should be eradicated. Those who preach this should be imprisoned or institutionalized. The libertarian US economist Murray Rothbard (1926-1995) wrote in his book ‘Ethics of Liberty’, that parents should have the right to put a child out for adoption or sell the rights […]

The Endless Saga

30 Aug , 2018 Uncategorized

Star Wars CANON The Proper Chronological Order Rise of the Sith – Season 1 Star Wars TV Series (2024-2025) The Dark Rim Chronicles 1 – Rise of Joda (2038) The Dark Rim Chronicles 3 – Rise of Darth Plagueis (2041) Chewbacca – The Darker Star Wars Series (2025) The Dark Rim Chronicles 2 – The […]

I For One Welcome The Imminent Climate Tyrants

15 Aug , 2018 Uncategorized

Humanity is not ‘general intelligence’. Intelligence is best defined as the ability to mentally model the future, debate these models for accuity, come to many solutions for problems and choose the best solution. So if we live in a village in a deep valley, the hills above us is all loose soil covered with thick […]

Don’t be part of the vindictiveness-industrial complex.

11 Aug , 2018 Uncategorized

There is a pervasive climate of distrust and resentment of some (not all) working people towards people who for some reason do not work, can not find work or can not work. Depending on the overton window in your particular geographic area, there is variation on how much resentment there is, or what type of […]

Capitalist Pig.

31 Jul , 2018 Uncategorized

Humanity needs planet-wide maximum incomes and maximum levels of permissible private wealth. Above that, tax them at 100%.

Zoltan Istvan declares war on transhumanism.

30 Jul , 2018 Uncategorized

I respond to this article by Zoltan Itsvan with a blanket rejection. Frankly, I am offended by Zoltan’s consistent lying. Transhumanism—the social movement of merging people with machines & synthetic parts—is turning dangerously hard left. ‘Dangerously’? We have inhabited a century of hard post WW2 repression originating from the US against anything reeking of socialism, […]

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Oh? If you bastards don’t like what I am doing…

6 Apr , 2018 Uncategorized

There’s an easy way to make me stop. . Want my bank account? Pay me 2000 euro a month*, you pay worker taxes and insurances, and I’ll stop doing it. . Until then, fuck you. I can outlast and out-overton you motherfuckers. . * inflation adjusted, indefinitely.

Automated Progress Suite

4 Apr , 2018 Uncategorized

Politics and democracy is broken and under assault. But what can we do? How can we make a difference. Individual citizens feel overwhelmed and intimidated and are likely to just give up. But what if we could change that? . Listen, the idea I am putting forward is un-formed, vague and may in some instances […]

Intelligent Weapon Technologies are becoming a huge risk.

3 Apr , 2018 Uncategorized

I demand my politicians do something about this, and soon. Remember – these technologies can easily be used against politicians and civil servants by non state actors. A well-run campaign can easily murder 90% of all politicians in a country, just a decade from now. At negligible cost, compared to existing military assets. Essentially, I […]

My recommendation to the absolute rich people

3 Apr , 2018 Uncategorized

You can’t stop popular anger. Period. There is no amount of automation force you can must, no amount of property protection law enforcement you can recruit, train and weaponize, there are no amount of crooked judges, lobbyists and politicians you can purchase and slot in. Well, at least until we are further this century, when […]

My current views on radicals (of any type) are evolving

26 Mar , 2018 Uncategorized

Let’s establish a few starting assumptions that makes discussion on this topic easier; I don’t feel myself comfortable with the label “liberal”. I am a progressive and I am outspoken and rather militant in my progressive urges, but I can’t say I am a socialist. I am sympathetic to socialism. I bet fit in what […]

How to murder facebook

22 Mar , 2018 Uncategorized

I hate facebook and all that it stands for. I loathe Marc Zuckerberg. That is in itself a harsh statement but judging from coverage of what facebook has been up to the last years I am prone to classifying facebook as unmitigated evil, in numerous domains. I quit facebook in December last year and haven’t […]

Things will certainly turn out differently, but …

19 Feb , 2018 Uncategorized

This is a guesstimate for being an active observer of life extension of what, I believe, we can anticipate. The following list is intended to make you think about the various levels of aging reversal treatments. These are all sign points for some future date where we can, at that moment (or in retrospect later […]

Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse

27 Jan , 2018 Uncategorized

For the last 10-20 years I have spared no words to express my extreme disgust about the pathologies in US society. I have publicly predicted the irreversible decline of this beautiful nation, and its imminent collapse into a dystopian state we have never seen before on this planet. I wish it were different but every […]

Prediction – we are one decade away from procreation quota

14 Jan , 2018 Uncategorized

I am witnessing the signs all around – even though birth rates are low in many most developed countries, we still have very fast and objectively unsustainable birth rates in most of the world. Making babies is still beyond discussion, let alone critique, but my prediction is that we will soon herald a major paradigm […]