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Today I was suppose to hang out with an amazing guy, Simon, at his aikido BBQ. I thought I had lived extremely modest the last days but still, I got only 20 euro left on my bank account, so I hadda skip out on that one – which still gnaws at me, because, yanno, my […]

Not a Bubble but a Tsunami – the coming surge of virtual reality

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Being a career hysteric and dramaturge I am prone to exaggerating, hyperbole or ‘as some say’ a brickbat, I can’t help but wave loudly anytime I read something that gives me hope. So again with this article, written by Dusan Writer which I will reprint in full here. No I didn’t ask Dusan for permission […]

Cluster Headaches

3 Jul , 2010 Uncategorized

Indulge me a bit of self-pity for a second. A few hours ago I had a moderate Cluster Headache attack. It’s OK, didn’t last long and the neighbours didn’t call the police (I tend to scream). I suppose this is the price I pay for being this fabulous. Having them, about oh 2-3 times a […]

Movie Pitch – Scar, Stripe and the Far City

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I had this dream tonight. It’s warm over here IRL, temperatures in the 30s, and nights are short, fevered and sweaty. I had a late pizza last night (couldn’t eat anything all day) and that always gives me restless dreams. This night the dream was a little more graphic than usual. I am going to […]

The acronym everyone should know – SSPS

19 Jun , 2010 Uncategorized

SSPS == Space Solar Power Systems I am making a bold statement here. To anyone who reads this – I proclaim that we need governments, corporations and the science world to come together, with as many global players as possible, and do whatever it takes to implement solar energy ‘harvesting’ stations, an infrastructure to add […]

What if there’s no fix for high unemployment?

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CNN article; FORTUNE — There seems to be little doubt that unemployment is going to remain stubbornly high — quite possibly for years to come. There’s also mounting evidence that a good part of that unemployment is really structural in nature: The skills and capabilities of many experienced workers are simply no longer demanded by […]

Twinity. Don’t stop trying.

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I am a bit sad looking at Twinity. I mean, it is Sisyphean to get this diamond up the hill. I strongly advocate the people behind Twinity to not give up and keep at it. I made this snapshot of my twinityness in Anshe Chung’s Palmadora. It is sad, lonely, empty and outdated, but I […]

What if.. ? Millions of PC users just ready to harvest.

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There are now over a million of PC users worldwide that play Second Life. These are by and large somewhat older, empowered, more intelligent people [than the average gamer] and consequently can be expected to have higher spending power. So. What if a proven quality company closes a deal with Linden Lab. Then manufactures a […]

Gaming Democracy – Good Cop/Bad Cop

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In the Netherlands last night Geert Wilders and the PVV won. He was in a jubilant mood with 24 out of 150 seats in parliament. So my readers would ask ‘he won? with only a fraction of the votes’ and I’d say yes. That’s Geert. The electoral map was redrawn – the Netherlands is rife […]

Peregrine Reloaded

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXeot-KDupc&hl=en_GB&fs=1&] I had a look at the peregrine and if possible, I’ll get one later this year. It anticipate this tool to be ‘nice’ but underwhelming. I suppose the manufacturer (IWI) of the Peregrine is ‘feeling the water’ cautiously. Obviously like the technophile nut I am, I’d like more of this, and soon. I can’t […]

I have a little idea :)

29 May , 2010 Uncategorized

In fact I’d love developing it along with some fun people or company! The game would be a classic ‘dungeons & dragons’ style fantasy MMO, but it would open up a totally new game environment. The text below is not far removed from my brainstorming draft, so bear with me – I may very well […]

The lights in the tunnel

25 May , 2010 Uncategorized

This review is about this book, which you can buy here. I think this is a critical book. I read ‘the end of work‘, which follows some of the underlying themes and premises – but was written by Jeremy Rifkin, a commentator who is not very popular. I am also a fan of the ideas […]

A web of implications

21 May , 2010 Uncategorized

Let’s stop using labels here for a while. Or at least, let’s stop clinging to labels, and what political associations they might have. Let’s use the terms ‘singularity’, ‘transhuman’, ‘posthuman’, ‘extropian’ with some detachment for the length of this article. Let’s not advocate anything utopian, dystopian – my point here is for now to deal […]

So he said…

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“Wow K, you should really send this to LL. It makes a lot of sense. This plugin based system architecture is found in browser systems, and in VR systems like Blue Mars (in BM you have to download full worlds instead of elements, for example before visiting New Venice for the first time you must […]

Republicans and the Tea Party of No

18 May , 2010 Uncategorized

Quoted from (as my ex would say) Trut-Hout. I added some pics for emphasis. As much as they may grumble, there is a legitimate reason why the Republicans have been labeled the “Party of No.” For decades, the party’s kneejerk stance has been to oppose any legislation or policy involving social, economic or political progress. […]

Project Brainstorm

4 May , 2010 Uncategorized

More on this idea soon – what could we all do with self-organizing, transferable, editable 3 Dimensional mindmaps if every user had access to them by default? The basic premise is based on the excellent mindmapping “the Brain“. But the twist here is – make it standard with every SL client. Allow avatars to trade […]

Being against life extension

29 Apr , 2010 Uncategorized

In response to this article: Argument One : When We Become Able To Extend Our Lives We Won’t Be “Human”. Response – as opposed to what? We will be “florgubs” – the odd species that emerged when humanity became immortal? “Florgubs” what used to be the human species, but now they are known by a […]

95% does not [anywhere near] win

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Probably 99%. We live in a world where the total profits are maximized by a climate of competition. Right now we (except me) are all stuck venerating thic paradigm of competition (and exclusion, scarcity, disparity, envy, exhaustion, depletion) to the point of it being a religion. That the world is simply not functioning (ehh “sustainable”) […]

The Witch Hunting Gene

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I have a hypothesis – I do not have arguments for this hypothesis. I firmly held this idea for quite a few years now. My idea is that humanity has a persecution instinct. Worse, I believe that humanity is compelled to self-formulate groups to persecute, and will do what it can to kill them in […]

Willingly Divided and Ruled

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In Rome there were very few slave revolts, by and large because fear worked, and slaves concluded that quite often they had it better as slaves than they used to living like savages. Emperial Rome offered amenities far in excess to what Gaul could offer the former tribals. But at the same time Romans mixed […]

Demonization for dummies

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CAUTION: I originally intended to follow up on this post and update depending on the replies on the particular site, but as it turns out this would not be a very good idea. In fact I may drop this reply in total if this spirals out of control. The catchphrase is ‘apophenia alert’ here. Vigilantcitizen.com […]

Exploring new realms – Age of Conan

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3 days ago I put my old dog to sleep. He had severe arthritis and the pain medication didn’t really work all that well anymore, and I instructed my meat server to stop mucking around, and take action. He died while we cuddled him, and the last thing the dog did in life was moan […]