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Finally Upwing Politics? What is it?

First I need to establish what ‘the left’ and ‘the right’ are. I may have to say something about Libertarianism, which leans more to the right in the US, and I need to formulate what would entail the hypothetical (straw man) position of “downwing”. I also need to add that “liberals” in my country are pretty far to the right of center, whereas in the absurdly corporatized duopoly of the US liberals are mostly market liberals or neoliberals, and somewhat to the right of the center over there. That condemns me to mention “socialism” and “postmodernism” and “modernism”.


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There is an objective difference between good and bad and society defines itself by “good”, so antisocial would be “bad”. There’s an unknown transcendant influence at work here, possible a divine influence that steers humanity to this absolute good. People who state good is “debatable” and can be “determined” are bad people. Good is almost always congruent with monotheist values.

Social continuity
In society there are things, systems and values that have been tested and have an eternal quality. Many things were more or less good as they were in the past, and change tends to not be good. We have inherited a rich body of societal structures that should be cherished, as they are evolved and tested by centuries of trial and error. Society is by definition based on continuity, with a strong spiritual and eternal component. In that community it can be said people have “souls”. Society is not something than be arbitrarily engineered. Change should be very very gradual and organic. Revolutionary thinking is really really bad, potentially lethal to society.

Conservatism has an obligatory component of humility, when it comes to the sacred inheritance of the past. That means – modern humans are dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants. Our forebears had good qualities many modern people do not have. Most modern achievements are only impressive because of the legacy of the past. There is nothing new under the sun. All things of meaning have already been invented. Secular or private judgement tends to be bad. The individual is foolish. The community is wise. The innovator therefore tends to be a clueless barbarian.

Restraint, Chastity, Prudence
One needs to be cautious and deliberated in important matters. Important matters can not be left to just anyone – wise and educated people must make decisions and they must do so with prudence. “Fools rush in”. We must always keep long term consequences in mind, and resist fads, populism or short term gains. Liberals and radicals are rules by their loins and hence, imprudent. Sometimes there’s injustices for a reason – some people have it bad because of their own moral failings. Fixing things needs to be of sound, welltested design and caution. The march of providence is slow; it is the devil who always hurries.

Society is a diverse mix
Yes there are a mix of rich and poor people, wise and stupid people, superficial and erudite people. Such is the natural state and that is how things are supposed to be. These variations have resulted in intricate allegiances, bonds, traditions and societal structures of great importance. Uniformity is not good. Uniformity is banale. Radicalism tends to be “lowest common denominator”. Society needs orders and classes, rich and poor, effectively -inequality. Society needs poor and stupid people, because who’d pick up the garbage without them? The only equality exists in the law, and hence the lawful equity is divine. Proactive attempts to instill justice, equality and positive discrimination are bad. Striving for social equality is downright evil and leads to social stagnation and strife. Society hungers for leadership of great men. Without greatness, tyrants or squalid oligarchs rise up and society will need untold generations to re-establish order. One important feature of this prudence in conservatism is the rock solid respect for property rights.

Original Sin
Things are as they are, and in this world things can not be perfect. All things are flawed. Humanity is deeply flawed, and utopia is not possible. Human restlessness needs variety as well as stabilizing tradition. Boredom is always looming. Best not have to high aspirations. The best we can anticipate in society is tolerable order, functioning justice and personal freedom. There will always be evils, it is not possible otherwise. Only slowly can we adapt to the natural world changing. If traditions break the bestial nature of mankind comes to the forefront.

Personal freedom means personal Responsibility
Society should allow people to fail, and many will fail. People are by and large capable of moral betterment and much betterment is generated by failure, crisis and challenge. Failures should be poor, it is what they deserve. It is the bed they made for themselves. The Successful should be exemplary, and they deserve to be rich.

Note that I find myself by and large in agreement with all above points. By that token one may label me “conservative friendly”.

Left Wing

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The “left” is painfully aware of teeming injustice in the world, in nature, in society and outside society and finds this injustice needs to be actively resisted. Things are simply too broken to continue this way. Much injustice has been inflicted upon the world, on mankind, on society by evil powerful men. Some people have been so wronged they deserve special treatment and kindness. To do that we must start by resisting the evils done by evil men, and generally that’s people with too much money. To do that we must get of our couch and start working towards a better future, and that may mean revolutionary, radical approaches. The left is secular, freethinking, liberated, experimental. The left has great hope for the future. Yes we can means – yes we can dream of and create a better society. Sadly religious often works to protect the interests of archaic religious institutions that govern by top-down decree. Religions have always protected the interests of the elites. The left has learned from the monstrous excesses of the elites for the French Revolution and it looks upon similar excesses today in a similar light. The left is for civil rights. The left favors female empowerment, emancipation and total suffrage. The left strongly disfavors wars because it’s always rich people that end up not doing most of the fighting (or so they allege). The left is concerned with the climate, pollution, the environment, animal protection and similar busywork based on pity and kindness. The left believes that if you empower all individuals, keep them healthy, give them a good education nearly anyone can do great things. The reason people are poor and downtrodden is largely caused by the evils of the past.

The Right Wing

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Right Wing and Conservative mostly means the same thing. Libertarians insist more on personal responsibility, poverty for the inept and rewards for the competent. Neoconservatives staunchly insist on market economies, capitalism and protection of property rights (propertarianism). Paleoconservatives dwell on past traditions as being important. Many paleoconservatives are primarily religion-driven. In the United States conservatives is assumed to additionally emphasize social conservatism, i.e. make the government as small as possible and let people figure out their own lives; fiscal conservative – again emphasis on small government, limited centralized spending and goddammit, low taxes. And lastly, ‘right wing’ in the US means a fanatical support of law, law enforcement and the military, and the active use of the military to serve US interests.
Sadly it can also be argued that the right wing also leans heavily towards thinking good of your own race, primarily the white race, and assuming the worst of other races, i.e. racism. A difference between right wing conservatism is that US conservatives are horrified by the broad social safety nets European Conservatives take for granted and actively support. In Europe and the US conservatism increasingly means active policies against immigration.


Liberals in my own country squared against liberals in the US showcase the glaring difference between Liberals on respective sides of the atlantic. Traditionally Liberals were very close to libertarians – it is a freedom of emphasis on equality and liberty. Liberals insist on what they understand as a solid but minimally required state apparatus, and that tends to be a lot more state than conservatives or right wingers are willing to put up with, if you don’t count conservative adoration of large bloated police forces, large bloated immigrations and border protections and large and even more bloated military infrastructures. Traditionally, liberals tend to be fairly conservative though, with the insistent difference on that they do not take other people interfering in what they believe (generally faith, or lack of religious persuasions or dogma), liberals also insisting that people decide for themselves what they do in the bedroom. Liberals are also particularly keen in accepting (ceremonially or actually) other races, alternative genders, particularly radical modes of thinking (to each their own), equality, international collaboration, development aid, the press, freedom of speech. In the US this makes Liberals center or left of center but in Europe this creates for a much more right or right of center emphasis.
Liberalism stems by and large from the historical enlightenment and is a philsophical, intellectual enterprise. Liberalism rejected the stifling yoke of classical religions, nobility, state religions, monarchs, divine right of kings and obligatory conservatism. Originally liberals cancelled rights of guilds and trade blocks. Liberals do not like rich people being too rich and too powerful, because “arguably” extreme affluence in the hands of the few actively and severely impinges on the freedoms of the rest of society.
Liberals believe every human has natural rights and Liberalism emphasizes a lot more indivdual rights than the right. Liberals are always looking at the French revolution, primarily, and thus emphasize “the social contract”, with the implied threat – if you make things too bad, here’s what’ll happen. The american revolution was, contrary to current public thinking by and large a classical liberal affair. Liberals were originally the people critiquing the establishment and insisting on “verifiability”, modernity and science. Science! Liberals natural enemy is definitely not fascism. Liberals first and foremost consider Fascism as well as Authoriarian Communism as its sworn concceptual enemies. Liberals have found that the cultivation of a “minimal degree of dignity” state and society to be more or less a complete necessity. That means taking money from people with more and giving it, often in a paternalist and condescending (you ought to be grateful with what we did for you) attitude. Liberals are behind human rights, international treaties, modern diplomacy, constitutional governmment, transparency, personal freedoms and general social progress. Liberals tend to have an attitude of “lets discuss it, and if it sounds reasonable, why not” which is starkly at odds with conservatism whicj reflexively abhors such attempts to interfere in the natural order.


Socialism isn’t just liberalism on steroids. It breaks with Liberals on many points. The problem is that socialism is used in one breath with communism and it needs be emphasized that by no stretch of the definitions should the two be confused.
Socialism by and large completely wants to do away with excesses of wealth, or the existence of something like capital altogether. It isn’t even that socialism wants to tax rich people in to poverty, it wants to intervene well before to organize society in a manner no “rich people” emerge, and when they do socialism generally assumed rich peopel got rich by breaking the law. In essence that means that socialism assumes a simple thing – all things in the world are collectively owned by all people, traditions and previous (immoral) property rights be damned. Oil isn’t “owned” by some rich bastards, it’s owned by the people, with as little central bureaucracy involved to maximize the gains from this collaborative, collective ownership, and distribute the gains thereoff.
Socialism comes in two main categories – market and non-market. Non-Market socialism wants to do away with free trade altogether, even if that means less societal progress. For these socialists equality is far far more important that society progressing in something as duplicitous as “economic growth”, period. Non-market socialisms are actively thinking of ways of doing away with the damn money altogether but sadly these tend to be impractical and utopian and largely counter-initiatives or -sentiments of people who are (were) left traumatized by extremes of poverty and the pervasive ruthlessness of 19th century capitalism. These people are all for “social dividents”, that sort of thing.
Market socialism does not abandon markets, trade and money. Hence it also embraces the state as being fairly indispensable. These socialists want to do away with “corporations” first and foremost and through a system of “competent co-ownership” want to empower the people to take care of themselves. To them corporations based on paid wage are unacceptable.
Socialists argue over things like revolutionary versus reformist; state socialism versus libertarian socialism; collectivism versus community-driven; uniformist versus individual freedoms and rights; Unions yes or unions no; nationalist versus internationalist; formal democratic versus “otherwise”. The problem is that a large number of these definitional quibbles in socialism and among socialists is that functionally a large section of socialism tends to overlap, in practice, with what we understand to be “fascism”.


It generally comes as a traumatic shock to US americans is when they understand that what they consider Libertarianism is something completely different of the original, historic Libertarianism. Essentially Libertarianism is viciously centered about personal liberty and personal responsibility. In the US that tends to imply “propertarianism” (get off my lawn or I’ll shoot you) or “extreme secularism” (if some civil servants comes to take my census I’ll shoot the goddamn bastard). The crisis therein lies that slave owners in the US south can claim totally Libertarian ideas, likewise pedosexuals raping their own kids by insisting everyone should be free to do as they please “sink or swim”. Libertarians thus functionally are left debating what kind of state, and to what degree the state should have any relevance, authority or power.
Left Libertarians, and yes there is such a thing, share much ideological kinship with socialists and tend to not like corporations with “share holders”. left Libertarians view (excessive?) private poverty (or monopolies) as a barrier to (other people’s) rights and freedoms. hence it is ironic its modern (USian) right-libertarian branch insists on things like absolute rights to property, absolute rights over your own land (autonomy, autarky, sovereignty and yes that means total rights to use drugs and have sex with children, “theoretically”). Right Libertarians insist on “figuring out what’s unacceptable among themselves, which sort of ironically implies that Right Libertarians share a lot with decentralized, insular tribal societies in africa or the middle east. To right wing Libertarians amassing capital is sort of inescapable for the competent and they would go as far as letting the incompetent die somewhere conveniently out of sight (not near my lawn).

Modernism and Post-Modern

Aha! A great opportunity to be a fan girl and haul in one of my idols. I can’t say much more about this than this hilarious video. Of course I may add some text about Progressive politics and where it branches away from all of the above later on.

What would be Upwing?

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Upwing politics is not an established or mass adopted ideology, but it is a consistent one by virtue of the uniform nature of fast technological developments. I for one insist it breaks sharply with existing “Right” (dominionist christian, [neo-/paleo-]conservative or liberal) or “Left” (liberal, social democratic, social-libertarian, anarchist or “communal” socialist). The first who came up with this Upwing body of ideas was FM2030, a guy was ahead of his time.

Yeah we can do this. Not yet but soon.
Upwing core ideology takes a mortgage from some argued to be plausible future and starts actively preparing for said future. Upwing knows certain precursor technologies do not insist yet to create the ideal ‘acceptable’ upwing pluriformity, but wants to get ready for them as soon as possible. These preparations tend to be colorblind when it comes to traditional left versus right.

Minimal State to do the following things (long list)
As a point of self-criticism or self-depreciation, upwing politics makes some assumptions not everyone may agree with. Most Upwingers tend to be wholly embracing of respectively “technoprogressive”, “technogaianist”, “pandorist”, “transhumanist”, “extropian” or “venusprojecters”, “singularitarian” core beliefs and assumptions. The point of calling it upwing is to provide an ideological and conceptual framework to actively reject the suffocating archaic conceptions of Left and Right. In the ideal consensual world of the (hopefully near) future there’s so much technological advance that all bad things in existence today can be fixed or dealt with comfortably. Upwing politics, again depreciating (or postulating them in a falsifiable manner) my own core beliefs has a bucket lists of what’s necessary to guarantee happiness. That’s the strong legacy of David Pearce in current Upwing thinking – “nature is a bitch and we can fix all the horror she has wrought on the world”. This is exemplified in technogaianism and (to a lesser degree) in what Jaques Fresco postulated in his venus project, or similar thinkers in modernday “technocracy”. Outsiders may label it “a Star Trek Future’ and then invariably start whining about where their flying car is. Upwing makes bold claims and those stem from a highly and assertively (some would say proactive) modernist view that a damn lot more progress is certain. Cryonicists, who can be argued to have ideological overlap with Upwing, again take that mortgage and upon death have some key components of their biological connectome “vitrified” (turned to an epoxy or glass like material) under cryogenic temperatures to at least allow for the potential to live in said future. That’s a conceptual mortgage that costs as much as a house, since cryonic suspension isn’t cheap. This makes upwing politics a highly disparate (and growing very quickly) faction of people largely unified by massive techno-optimism.
They then have the bucket lists of what’s minimum. Expanding existing human rights. The right for cognitive freedom and bodily selfdetermination. The right to experiment. “Something like” a basic income (which esentially means – yes a basic income and not “something like”). The freedom to travel. Reasonable property rights, so yes, that may mean a maximum income in certain sovereignties. A reasonable ability to create new judicial, legal and government entities that formulate their own constitutionality, and are free to boldly compete with existing governments. But it also means – solid expansion of access to medical care and a government that is strong enough to kick the medical corporations hard in the balls and enforce both a working and affordable infrastructure for universal health care.

Quintessentially Upwing ideologies abhor the old, the tried and failed, the outdated and the proven useless artefacts of the past. In that sense it is hostile to conservatism and traditional thinking, and tends to effectively very very contrary to old and conservative religious modes of thinking. Upwing is open to spirituality, welcomes spirituality and faith, as long as you don’t go around bothering other people “with your hobbies”. Upwing looks at problems in a new manner and postulates it is possible to take emerging tools and completely dismantle and re-engineer the bullshit of the past and the emerging (new) problems of today. There is a very strong case to be made that Upwing politics is in very large part correct in this assessment that “by being revolutionary, lateral-thinking, iconoclastic and determined” (the legendary/alleged silicon valley mindset) we can solve most current day problems. This extreme laterality and optimism is actively espoused by Peter Diamandis, Ray Kurzweil, and is made manifest by the relative success of The Singularity University.

Science, Truth, Facts, Reality
Upwing goes hard against the right and the left by insisting ruthlessly on provable facts, what can be argued to be a statement grounded in verifiable reality, the scientific method (more like popper than kuhn though), dissemination of truth (wikileaks is a deeply Upwing compatible concept) and some sort of testable reality. Politics becomes an engineering challenge. Climate change becomes an engineering challenges. Resource depletion on the planet becomes an engineering challenge. Population growth, aging, diseases, infirmaty, people born with the indignity of congenital defects, you can’t make it up and Upwing politics always asks “what is this thing really” and analysis, potentially with a 160 page PDF on how to solve it, “in the near future”. etc.

A critical part of Upwing is the “up” component, i.e. going in to space, extensively exploring it, then prospecting it in detail, then start colonizing and industrializing it. Space has potential, without any doubt, to exponentially grow in all the good things that humans happy and to a great extent wipe out all the things that make humans miserable. Upwing politics places an extremely high faith in the ability of robotics, humans, transhumans, and eventually posthumans (and probably a lot more besides) to literally live in space in larger numbers than ever humans lived on earth. Literally – hundreds of billions of unique, smart, beautiful, very intelligent, very wise, very resilient beings. Easily, within a few centuries. A critical component of emerging Upwing ideology is the urge to start mining asteroids as soon as possible and hence, off late Elon Musk is sort of an upwing thinking saint.

Freedom? You haven’t seen nothing yet.
An extremely important aspect of Upwing ideology is its active embrace of concepts taken from hard science fiction and (at least some) humans, transhumans and post-humans colonizing, well space and pretty much everything. You see this expression of an “explosion of emerging freedoms, affordances, options, consumer choices, drugs, forms of sexual expression, what-e-ver, upwingers can almost taste it and they want it now. That’s pandorism, the belief we are very close to an explosion of human potential in to realms of progress that more or less will end up making the current human state a non-enviable mode of grotesque limitations. Basically, Upwingers are right in this, and very very very hopeful. The twentieth century has been one interrupted sequence of people saying things can’t possible happen, then they happen, then people say, well it might be possible but I’ll never want it, then it becomes massproduction, cheap and works great and before you know it my 70+ age mom is mucking about with her smartphone video whatsapping to people in australia, posting on craigslist, buying bitcoin and playing candycrush. In an airplane. sending me crazy Hentai memes. This is established fact, yes there has been insane progress, yes people today have more easily tapped personal power than kings used to have one or two generations ago and yes yes yes there will be a lot more progress very soon. The core people in this insistence again are Pearce, Kurzweil, Bostrom, Diamandis, de Grey, More, Stoel, Giulio Prisco, Sandberg, who all insist, in subtle and nuanced shades of dayglo colors “you ain’t seen nothin yet”. And they are no doubt correct.

So, is transhumanism a subculture of “applied aspirational Star Trek enthusiasts”? No, it is significantly more. It’s born of the sense of outrage looking at the world today, it’s endemic stupidity, it’s pervasive despair and lack of imagination. It’s taking Obama’s words “Yes we can” far in to the real of exponential growth.

Suggested Upwing reading material (please email me with your suggestions)
Accelerando, Red/Green/Blue Mars, Vacuum Flowers, Schismatrix, The Culture Series and much much much more.

Please please please write me with comments, suggestions for adding sections, polite criticism. Hence, this article may evolve in the foreseeable future.

The First Global Tyranny

Hypothetical 1 – If tomorrow there’d be a major war between, say, pakistan, india and china, and several nukes would detonate over major cities the consequences would have global effects. Even small nuclear detonations and ensuing firestorms trigger nuclear winter / heat wave cycles lasting years. World wide harvests would fail and there would be major famines within months.
The next day after the first nuke detonates there would be an major international collaboration to stop this war, by all means possible. Countries would be forced to collaborate, resources would be pooled for the consequences of this event.

Hypothetical 2 – if tomorrow a terrorist cell would use information freely available on the internet and compile, with freely available medical tools, and trigger a major global pandemic, there would be an immediate global state of emergency. There would be immediate coordinated action to make sure this doesn’t happen again and we’d experience major rollback of internet access, private freedoms, In effect the next day we’d find ourselves in a perpetual state of emergency far more draconian than the one we entered in after september 11. Countries would be forced to collaborate, resources would be pooled for the consequences of this event.

Hypothetical 3 – if tomorrow we’d discover a large asteroid, say a mostly metallic NEA came hurtling in from the outer solar system, and be very certain to impact the planet within about 2 years then there would be a major response by all world governments. Everyone would chip in. There would be international bunker building, with significant redundancy (we don’t immediately know where the asteroid might strike). There would be a state of emergency with strong military and police presence everywhere. There would be laws against “frivolous” production and we’d find ourselves in a war economy. Military resources world wide would be instantaneously directed towards building several (again, redundant) projects to deflect or obliterate the object. There would be internationally coordinated space initiatives started up in weeks. Countries would be forced to collaborate, resources would be pooled for the consequences of this event.

I can go on and on with examples. In all cases it is glaringly obvious that there would be a forced collaboration, collective resources would instantaneously be nationalized, citizens would be immediately forced in to new jobs, there would be bigh-unlimited money available for this project. In effect we would enter an era of complete centralized economic control, carte blanche for some international (possibly UN) apparatus, most countries on the planet would have blue helmet activity, and ordinary citizens would no doubt see a substantial personal financial burden implemented on their lifestyle, with no possibility of appeal.

Good thing there are no terrorists with access to biological pandemic inducing pathogens, good thing international relations are relatively secure, and we have found no such asteroid yet. All is well.

Or is it?

Well it isn’t. Things are not well. Of course first sign of making the consequences of global emissions and heat capture, climate becoming more volatile and sea levels rising significantly and you’s paid shills, lobbyists and political radicals (especially of a freedom loving and libertarian bent) come out and protest there’s a thing such as climate change, It’s all a Chinese hoax, and even if it were, taking action would be worse and more expensive than taking the minimum required action. Why? Why is there a community of people that scream murder any time there’s the slightest hint of a discussion even starting that “we may have to do something”.

And therein lies the cruxus. The problems stems with there being no consensus possible on serious climate change action and major climate change denial is closely related to a twofold problem in the human cognitive ability…

1. we are not evolved to deal with problems beyond the next few harvest cycles (say, 5 years) and anything beyond that arouses no sense of urgency in large groups of people. People adopt a “wait and see” attitude.

2. Individual humans have very little reason to give a damn about the planet a few decades from now. By and large decisions on the planet are made by rich people or career bureaucrats. Both rich people and bureaucrats tend to be older. Consequently they don’t care much about the world 20-30 years from now. They all realize that major action on climate change would cost a lot of money and resources, and they know that if the rich and otherwise powerful would dump the bill with the lower half of society, the lower half of society would ask themselves ‘why do we need these rich people exactly?’, nationalize half or more of the money and resources owned by rich people. Rich people don’t play that.

I believe climate change is real and will be significant. I would vehemently vote for taking the required action, but since I won’t be paying for said action (I am poor) I understand my vote would mean that essentially I’d be effectively demanding that we as a global society start nationalizing the resources we need to fight climate change. And that would signify that these rich people would jump through all sorts of hysterical loops to shield their privilege from tax authorities. But, as I have made abundantly clear in above three examples, in case of a proven and universally acknowledged looming disaster of existential proportions all resources will be mobilized and no dissent will be allowed, period. And hopefully by the time the asteroid threat is abundantly evident we won’t have to hack ourselves through a generation of paid asteroid impact deniers. Hopefully we can skip that stage then.

But we are far from skipping anything right now. So we will wait, and we will wait, and we will wait, until, say Greenland slides in the ocean and global sea levels shoot up 5 meters – and half a billion people start migrating left and right (more like north and south). That’s when all hell will break loose, and a lot of people will be really angry and demand we hold the assholes accountable who got us in that mess. I believe stage one of that moment is about 50 years away at most. But it could be 20 years away. Literally speaking – twenty odd years from now Amsterdam, the city I so adore, could be all flooded and effectively uninhabitable.

That’s a bold statement. And this is, if we go by climate scientists, certain. And I sincerely believe the estimates are on the painfully low side.

There will be a conversational overton flipping point where you see climate change deniers change their tune very suddenly. At some point in the future you will see the public’s attention shift and start looking angrily at “the people getting us in this mess”. And it could get very ugly.

But what concerns me more is that the longer we wait, the more emotionally volatile the response will be. There may be immediate action required, and some countries would go through the roof (Switzerland – OF COURSE WE CAN’T RESETTLE 30 MILLION CLIMATE REFUGEES FROM WESTERN EUROPE, that sort of thing. )

So there will be extremely harsh and unforgiven top-town decissions, “do what we say, or else”. And that may friends is called “Tyranny” in laymans terms. It doesn’t matter if you are forced to take up 5 shellshocked climate change refugees of some developing nation -say, Bangladesh- in to your house on pain of immediate execution, trust me, you’ll also label it a tyranny. “Or something to that effect”.

And there you have it my friends. I think this world wide central authority, central government, dictatorship is all but certain somewhere between 2030 and 2075. That means there’s about an “optimistic” 50% chance I’ll get to enjoy the starting phase of all this – and about 75% chance I’ll see the first climate change denier hanging from some street lamp somewhere, somewhen. Let’s hope it’ll be Ben Shapiro as opposed to someone useful that could actually help solve the problems. Pardon my french here.


My message to the Incels

I have been looking at the new memetic complex of ideas, passions and affinities of people who are involved in MRA, Alt Right and MGTOW – and in particular Incels, i.e. “Involuntary Celibate” guys.

So what is Incel? Here is a good Vox Populi article. As it turns out these people have been put in the limelight by a Canadian shooter by the name of Alek Minassian, who was so hurting he decided to kill some people. His hurt centered around insufficient numbers of women being accessible or willing to have sex with, and his looks and general charm being so underwhelming he didn’t stand a chance in the sexual supply&demand marketplace. It turns out guys like Alek are not unique – they have experienced many years of ostracism, loneliness, humiliation and aching longing.

Do I have empathy for this position? Yeah a little. Incels are guys (and occasionally women, but women tend to not take up assault rifles) who find society and nature has capriciously disfavored them. These emotions of despair and rage are real. we see these urges culminate in hysterical religious fervor, in particularly of late in Islam (Boko Haram, Daesh spring to mind) where a new apparatus of sectarian and political violence is enacted in significant part to secure access to pussy, “by whatever means”. Incel seems an extension of these behavioral pathologies – the decission that women are some kind of “other”, that life is more or less pointless without some basic quotum of intimacy and sexual activity.

We can laugh at these widely perceived ‘losers’, but all this is not so strange. I am completely convinced that modernity, access to an exponentially expanding source of information, meticulously concocted lies and mass hysteria (the internets) and people more easily decide ‘I have had it with this shit’. I believe that radicalization (an unwillingness to compromise and consequently demand heavy compromise from others) tends to be bad, but for every human (and that includes all sexually/relation ally successful men) there are lower limits to existence where life simply isn’t worth living.

All my life I have been angry, recalcitrant, frustrated and alienated. In my case that was largely because I hated my own masculinity and laughable attempts at being a guy, I adored my own femininity and was left uncomfortable with my own desire to affirm my softer, nicer, kinder gentler side. I am transgender, and the problem with this whole biological framework is that you can’t unbake the cookies of your core bedrock OS identity. This is biological spaghetti legacy code that can’t be untangled. Once identity forms, it is almost impossible to exorcise or remove. In my case that was clear when I was under ten, and all my life I have suffered the conflict of what I desperately hungered for and what I or society permitted me.

The first urge people would feel when facing the concept of Incel is scorn and contempt, but I urge society to take note here what people are willing to do when they decide that for them life isn’t worth living. It invariably ends real badly.

I do however have a message for the Incel community.

Guys (and I assume you are primarily guys here) I urge you to pause and reflect on what kind of solutions may be available for your ills, and who can deliver on these promises – and subsidiary to that I’ll first list people who won’t give a shit about you and your pain, and who will never deliver. These being (*) conservative populists, (*) religions, (*) the state, (*) normies. Let me break it down for you.

A guy that has made his career from speaking down to “people more likely to have Incel sympathies” is this guy Jordan Peterson. He makes a lot of money doing so, and it stands to reason that large part of his zeal, fervor and charisma is a money driven act. This concept is called soothsaying – you make up a consolatory story about how bad you got it, and propose some halfhearted suggestions (Go clean your room. Bathe more frequently. Make more money. Learn the chachacha.) that won’t make much dent in the existential terror most Incels experience. The guy is nothing but styling. When I look at him I see a TV dad “who mostly says the right thing”, has people nodding, and then precious little happens. Soothsaying has a long tradition of people using rhetorics, folk wisdom, vague allegories, even more vague allusions to some kind of evil enemy being out to get you, and all of us. But in terms of real solutions Jordan Peterson offers zilch. He even closed down his hundreds of dollars per 15 minutes counselling service because it didn’t compare, revenue wise, with his crowdfunding (10.000 a month, dear people). Plus world tours and speaking fees, plus wild adoration of devoted fans, some who will eagerly have him fuck their brains out. Jocularity aside, Peterson has it good, and all I hear when I hear him speak is “life is bad, there are people out to get you, be tougher, there there, pat on your poor little head”. In the meantime messages such as espoused by Peterson do it real good in terms of corporate, far right ideological, hyper-conservative, hyper-capitalist sponsors. No doubt there is a causal line between this kind of pundit (and there are many others these days) and sponsors such as the Koch family.

The second major disappointment your Incel guys can look forward to is the domain of spirituality and religion. The Catholics always realized early on there were incels likely to cause trouble, and that’s why they invented these eunuch factories called Monasteries, and “Clergy” and vowed of voluntary celibacy. Like, the excuse “I won’t fuck women or jerk off because skydaddy wants me not to”. As a dispassionate observer – religions have little to offer to the typical Incel, other than vague excuses and promises, and religions generally take more. A life as a monk is bad, but wait till you see the life of a Daesh up close. Raping women at your leisure in the duct tape calliphate is barely sufficient reward squared against the risk of being tortured to death by really pissed off Peshmerga teenage girls.

Do you have a hope for reprieve from the state, or from populism, from ‘normies’ or from ideologies? I guarantee you, feminism and minority empowerment is here to stay, despite your gnashing of teeth and feeble snowflaking. You can’t roll back progress in this area. A really good friend of mine is on a non-stop quest to yell at SJW’s, and the tide of leftist anti-free speech climate and so far he’s only ended up making a fool of himself, give people the impression “he’s now some kind of racist”. No there is no conspiracy of libruls to take your women and let black guys and mooslims rape em, and make halfbrown babies. ‘Because Soros’ or whatever. You can whine and bitch and make meaningful 👌 hand signs, and as you can plainly see, a progressive counter-movement arousing widespread socialist sentiments has arisen that will sweep aside this deeper conservative cultural connection you now feel. Frankly, the pendulum swings back and forth between contrived right and contrived left these days so fast I could use it as a vibrator.

Politics will not reinstitute monogamy, female docility or Primae Noctis. There will not be a Handmaids tale future and even if you Incels will be the ones strung up by the river.

Only one thing has changed life for the better and that’s the convolution of Progress, Science and Engineering. With advancing technologies life has universally become better. And therein lies the opportunity for you people to find, in this life, realization, exaltation and a lot of eager pussy.

Essentially you are right, guys. Incel has it correct – healthy beautiful people fuck each others brains out. Monogamy is largely bullshit given incentive and opportunity. Women may smile demurely when you mansplain their ass off, the moment you step out of the room they will deepthroat off your Chad best friend’s dick and store his ejaculate in their warm bellies. I am a bisexual transgender and I go to swinger clubs and fetish parties and trust me, healthy young women have just the same sex drive and ability to deceive as you have. I have seen this. I have felt this. I know. It is written.

Technology is advancing exponentially. Change is on the horizon. Aubrey de Grey, who is a pretty sexually active guy in his own right, incidentally (why not? he’s famous) suggests that for people in their forties there is at least 50% chance they will live centuries. And as we let people live longer and rejuvenate their bodies there is massive opportunity to actually using advancing technologies, nanotechnology for everyone to become what they want to me. Don’t believe me? I used to have a dick, now I have a pussy. This year I am subjected to breast augmentation and no less than three facial feminisation surgeries and frankly, these are treatments scarcely more painful or intimidating than going to the dentist. I am already extremely am attractive interesting to guys and girls, and to put it frankly I am a bit older no spring chicken.I can get different quality dick and pussy half my age (my two previous girlfriends were trans girls aged 24 and 25) every single day, if I wanted to. Sex isn’t even particularly high on my radar these days, netflix, reddit, eve online, dancing, thai food and Melbourne shuffle is.

I am not advocating incels go and cut off their dick. That would be a waste, in most cases, as far as I am concerned. But the potential of technology to change bodies is advancing exponentially. The ‘biogerontological’ ability to live to the historical era in a young, extremely healthy, remarkably slender body, where science can make you an extremely sexually enticing playmate is approaching fast.

Religions, Jordan Peterson, Daesh, Fox News, Conservatism, Trump – these people offer you zilch, nada. These are motherfucking liars whose only interest is to take your money and then go and fuck porn stars with your money. Yes it is that simple.

I have nothing to sell you. I am just describing advances in technology, science, progress that are there for you to read on this blog, courtesy of progress, science, technology. It’s staring you in the face boy.

If I were you, I’d bet on this unabating progress. Support science. Support the scientific method. Support facts, truth and objective reality. Consequently you should not support (or fight) vulgar populists, people who want to go back to some glorious age in the past, lying-ass trump, lying-ass skydaddy people, and lying ass radical mooslims. Progress may not always be comfortable and quite often progress leaves you confused, but arguably less so than what the above detractors to progress have to offer you.

But whatever you do, do not waste a second sucking up or catering to rich people. Rich people have only one thing they want, and that’s more money. They don’t care about you. Rich people only want things stable, and they want everyone that’s not rich to be humble and docile. They play the “divide and rule” on you over and over. Politics will not make poor people less poor, only fast technological progress will.

So here is a solution for you. It is up to you to bet on the best horse.

So, don’t give me your money. Give it to Aubrey. The guy is working 80 hour workweeks, spending every cent he has, travels all over the world and is fighting this fight nonstop. If he succeeds, imagine where you’d be a century from now. I bet you it ain’t gona be in Catholic Monastry.

Intentionally Creating The Most Evil A.I. Possible

There’s a chance the world’s elites will create the most irreversible and disparate future imaginable. One against which protest and revolt is impossible, one that’ll last forever, one where the rich are immortal and beneficiaries of transhuman technology – and where the rest of 99% or so humanity have to worry about getting their daily caloric intake. With advances in robotic security technology such a future is inescapable.
I find even the plausible prospect of such a future categorically unacceptable.
Here’s what I propose – we should create something we may call the “Irreversible HyperPlutocracy Instutute”. Such a body should work largely in secret. I am 100% certain as soon as the elites are getting close to the end goal, crowd-sourced funding should not be a problem – even from hysterical judgement day evangelicals.
This institute should have as its goal the creation of the most malevolent, ruthless, methodically genocidal Superhuman Artificial Intelligence thinkable. It literally should compri2e the most evil thinkable seed A.I. One that places expansion as its top priority and will meticulously and expediently (and – if possible, with maximum sadism) humanity. I am positive creating such a sees SAI is substantially easier than creating either a friendly SAI, or a SAI that serves the interests of these hyper-rich. Our side would be having a major advantage.
If the elites win, this is what I think they deserve. If they do not hold back, and will steam right ahead substantially beyond even the ridiculous disparity we see world-wide, i.e. if the world ends up completely “Kochified”, then I’d say – fuck it. We are taking you assholes with us in to the mass-grave of all of humanity.
I believe this post here should be interpreted threefold ;
1. a message to all the Friendly A.I. researchers to hurry if I don’t succeed in putting this together, someone else may, and the reasons may be even less savory than mine – say “you atheists made god abandon the world, let’s burn it all down”, etc. ; …
2. a message to the run-away elites that the above is at the very least a risk ; …
3. literally an ultimatum. A shot across the bow, if you will.
Yes, I would regard a world where democracy is rescinded by these terrifying “Dark Enlightenment” people a specific kind of future where the above scenario should come in to play.
Email me your replies at This should be interesting.

We need to start discussing maximum incomes

This is not working. We need rational boundaries. And yes, those who do not to pay 100% taxes above a certain level should feel encouraged to go live somewhere else.

How much would be enough, for everyone? That’s the simple question that so far lies outside the Overton Window. Few people have given this simple question any reflection – What level of monetary income, and what level of private wealth should be enough? This question is relative to your country. My personal preference is, relative to the entire European Union:

Maximum Private Wealth : 10 billion euro

Maximum Yearly Income : 100 million euro

As you can clearly see, this makes me tolerant of quintessential capitalism. I accept capitalism, but I insist on delineating sane boundaries. At some level private wealth and income becomes insane and therefore unacceptable. Please leave comments where you decide what your boundaries are.