April 2010

Being against life extension

29 Apr , 2010 Uncategorized

In response to this article: Argument One : When We Become Able To Extend Our Lives We Won’t Be “Human”. Response – as opposed to what? We will be “florgubs” – the odd species that emerged when humanity became immortal? “Florgubs” what used to be the human species, but now they are known by a […]

95% does not [anywhere near] win

29 Apr , 2010 Uncategorized

Probably 99%. We live in a world where the total profits are maximized by a climate of competition. Right now we (except me) are all stuck venerating thic paradigm of competition (and exclusion, scarcity, disparity, envy, exhaustion, depletion) to the point of it being a religion. That the world is simply not functioning (ehh “sustainable”) […]

The Witch Hunting Gene

29 Apr , 2010 Uncategorized

I have a hypothesis – I do not have arguments for this hypothesis. I firmly held this idea for quite a few years now. My idea is that humanity has a persecution instinct. Worse, I believe that humanity is compelled to self-formulate groups to persecute, and will do what it can to kill them in […]

Willingly Divided and Ruled

28 Apr , 2010 Uncategorized

In Rome there were very few slave revolts, by and large because fear worked, and slaves concluded that quite often they had it better as slaves than they used to living like savages. Emperial Rome offered amenities far in excess to what Gaul could offer the former tribals. But at the same time Romans mixed […]

Demonization for dummies

21 Apr , 2010 Uncategorized

CAUTION: I originally intended to follow up on this post and update depending on the replies on the particular site, but as it turns out this would not be a very good idea. In fact I may drop this reply in total if this spirals out of control. The catchphrase is ‘apophenia alert’ here. Vigilantcitizen.com […]