October 2010

Product A versus Product B

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Wikipedia says “Socialism” is best defined as: Socialism is an economic and political theory advocating public or common ownership and cooperative management of the means of production and allocation of resources. As an economic system, socialism is a system of production based on the direct production of use-values by allocating economic inputs (the means of […]

Plan Nuke

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Mind you – I wouldn’t do this. Yet. But others might. However what I ask you – if you read this article, and you disagree (which many will) I will ask you to come up with solutions in the comments that fit my paradigm. Vehement denouncement won’t do anyone any good. I live in the […]

Technological improvements in Second Life? You bet!

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Theatrically reprinted from hot chick Gwynneth Llewellyn 🙂 October 28, 2010 – in Homepage, SL Technology by: Gwyneth Llewelyn When Philip “Linden” Rosedale announced, once again, that he’d be leaving Linden Lab and was actively searching for a new CEO, leaving Bob Komin to replace him temporarily, some of my friends saw this as a […]

A NeoProgressive Political Movement

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In short – I think we live in a world of increasing constraints, triggered by a perfect storm of resource depletion (yes, this includes peak oil), income stratification, ‘end-game’ superpower resource consolidation, sickening overpopulation, increasing automation and robotization ‘creep’, environmental and biodiversity collapse, unsustainable complexity, massive widespread corruption, a xenophobia revolution, insurmountable political stupidity and […]

Transvision 2011

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Organizing it in or near Amsterdam, in a somewhat ‘different’ format than 2010? IDEAS * Creating a synergy with maybe other related or unrelated events? – a wider interpretation of the term ‘trans-vision?’ ? * (venus project, transgendered conference, raellians, euro-technocrats, technoprogressives, humanists, cryonics, life extension, 3D printing, GogBot, VR enthusiasts etc. ?) * stay […]

Automation Insurance: Robots Are Replacing Middle Class Jobs

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link Andrew Price, October 13, 2010 * 2:00 pm PDT Every three months, GOOD releases our quarterly magazine, which examines a given theme through our unique lens. Recent editions have covered topics like the impending global water crisis, the future of transportation, and the amazing rebuilding of New Orleans. This quarter’s issue is about work, […]

Morality: Don’t be afraid – science can make us better

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We should embrace rather than fear the knowledge science brings as it unravels morality’s muddles, says Fiery Cushman A LUCID dream has three phases. First you experience the dream as reality. Then you recognise it as a product of your mind. Finally, you gain the power of control. Morality is proceeding along similar lines. We […]

How Beer, Oprah and Sergey Brin Can Help Cure Aging

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Reprinted from here: Aubrey de Grey doesn’t care if you live forever. He just wants you not to get sick. It’s not exactly an easy-to-grok distinction, but that doesn’t stop the British gerontologist from trying. In recent years, de Grey has emerged as the most recognizable, outspoken and controversial cheerleader for regenerative medicine. In 2003, […]

Red versus Blue – Megacities

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This event is a discussion in advance of Bryce’s (11:00) discussion of the formation of Megacities. Please avoid coming to conclusions – just take away conclusions from the RvB format and port them to Bryce’s event. Question 1 > Is the formation of megacities destined to lead either to dystopia, will it lead us to […]

Dear citizen, please report to termination room 101

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You can argue they are right, but it shouldn’t be this black and white. In second life your account can be deleted at any time. When signing the TOS, you consent to this. If for some reason Linden Lab gets it in their head, (say because you have leftist sympathies, or you write a certain […]

Not a disease, you evil bastards

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This is a hypothesis. This isn’t true by necessity. It could be. Consider if it were all true. All this is also quite cynical, and more than a bit disjointled. But bear with me. Tens of thousands of years ago, humanity lived in extended families at first not too dissimilar from current homo sapiens. All […]