November 2010


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Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process in mice – now for humans Harvard scientists were surprised that they saw a dramatic reversal, not just a slowing down, of the ageing in mice. Now they believe they might be able to regenerate human organs In mice, reactivating the enzyme telomerase led to the repair of damaged […]

the facts spelled out

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Two contrasting (yet complimentary?) conceptions

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Taken from here the perceptions of a breathtakingly fascinating interviewer interviewing someone of unmitigated historical importance. A short aesthetic exploration into longevity and its implications on our emotional lives- including a brief interview with Aubrey De Grey “As for me, she said, I seek not the Lover that completes me, that was good for when […]

Red versus Blue – PanDemonism

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Premise: This Red versus Blue debate is the first of several delineating what is almost impossible to delineate. The basic premise is somewhat of a counterposition to that of Cosmism. I intend to argue Cosmicism, and ask the question whether or not the universe is a horrific place and the odds are stacked against us […]

Alt! who goes there?

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By Extropia Dasilva ALT! WHO GOES THERE? ONE: DOLLS AND ACTIVES. In ‘Virals And Definitives In SL’ and other essays, I discussed the concept of the ‘Pairson’: A character in an online world that is controlled by two or more people in RL. … Part One TWO: THE BIRTH OF THE SOUL AND THE DEATH […]

Irreversible now…..losers…

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Fed 600 Billion The Fed is back to printing money. To the tune of 600 Billion at the rate of 75 Billion a month. What’s that? You thought that stimulus required a vote? Me too. If it’s not obvious to anyone else, the US Economy is being held together with tape. We don’t even have […]

Complete and utter shortsighted bullshit

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got this from the shortsighted nitwits at Financial Times October 16, 2010 The Financial Time Bomb of Longer Lives By NATASHA SINGER FIRST the good news: We’re living longer, healthier lives than ever before. We’re already so used to the idea of greater longevity, in fact, that it may seem ho-hum to learn that boys […]

I must accept that….

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… I am probably going to die, but if I am not going to die the alternative may be worse in terms of how much it will hurt, … There will always be a million people better than anything I try to do my best at, … I must never ever try and own human […]

Tip of the Month – SpaceCollective and Polytopia

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Have a close look here; What is a Polytopia? Polytopia (1) an endlessly open (trans) culture of unique and diverse states of mind 1.1- ‘endlessly open’ reflects the proposition that there are no end goals, no end results, in short, no end but infinity. 1.2- culture and not society, culture has no borders, no nationality, […]

Have a clue yet?

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Middle East oil source of many U.S. problems The cost of the United States military defending and procuring crude oil is nearly impossible to calculate. Begin with the fact that our $500 billion-plus military budget equals the military budgets of the rest of the world combined, and the Pentagon can’t account for trillions of dollars. […]

Old Terms and New Terms

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Conservative adj. 1. Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change. 2. Traditional or restrained in style: a conservative dark suit. 3. Moderate; cautious: a conservative estimate. 4. (a) Of or relating to the political philosophy of conservatism; (b) Belonging to a conservative party, group, or movement. 5. Conservative Of or belonging to the […]


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Because that is was this bastard really says. The true face of the goodguys. Sorry padre, your career is over now. ITALIAN rationalists are demanding the resignation of the country’s Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini over incendiary remarks he made in an article he wrote for the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano. Frattini, according to atheist Marc […]

Good, Evil and Worm Ourobouros biting you in your ass.

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Transhumanism might be evil. This is a grave concern. The idea is that the implementation of exponentially advancing technologies might be evil. Some here seem to argue this idea, but I am seeing it argued elsewhere as well. Thinking about it this makes sense. Transhumanism might be misconstrued as an ideological movement, or at the […]