January 2011

Creating Change – “The Great Filters”

27 Jan , 2011 Uncategorized

My name is Khannea Suntzu, I am pansexual, generally submissive, passive-fetishist, eager-to-please. I am a very restless and feral girl. The following is a presentation I was invited to hold for the VenusPlusX organization for Sexual Freedom, where I was invited by Dan and Alison, at the Creating Change Conference in Minneapolis. This text will […]

The Social implications – what will we do all day long?

22 Jan , 2011 Uncategorized

Eventually even the hardcore transhumanists were bound to catch on that this current world isn’t that realistic when it comes to accrediting human beings with any inherent “value”. Of course for the while the old scarcicists keep singing the same tune “the economy the economy entitlements entitlements state debts state debts” – but that’ll help […]

Energy – Four Future Levels

21 Jan , 2011 Uncategorized

Let me paint you a highly simplified picture of energy politics in (especially the second half of) the future of humanity in the 21st century; 1 – Abundant Growth This is the future where we have so much energy we can do amazing things, and have unprecedented economic growth. Yes, I am saying “access to […]


9 Jan , 2011 Uncategorized

The most dangerous conventional wisdom in the world today is the idea that with an older population, people must work longer and retire with less. This idea is being used to rationalize cuts in old-age benefits in numerous advanced countries — most recently in France, and soon in the United States. The cuts are disguised […]

Serious Games

8 Jan , 2011 Uncategorized

The online world of Second Life seemed like the next big thing, only to be largely written off. Neither hypers nor detractors understood it. BY JULIAN DIBBELL Never mind: American Apparel closed a ­virtual store it had in Second Life. If you had to say exactly when the wave of media hype about the online […]