March 2011

H+ Is Winning

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Great Cthulhu

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Astrophysicist, Geologist, & Web bots agree: Extreme seismic activity due sometime late March [youtube] Apparently U.S. geologist Jim Berkland, British Astrophysicist Piers Corban, and Web Bot creator Clif High all agree that late March (19th-28th) is a dangerous window for serious earthquake/weather action. All three of their conclusions are based on the theory that […]

No. More. Nuke. Tax.

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For 60 odd years this planet has been subjected to a global world order under American rule. This rule was welcomed after WW2, rationalized after nazi atrocities and fear of soviet authoritarianism and scare mongering, but most of all, it is a dreadull artifact of nuclear force projection. This hegemony allowed the US to leverage […]

Follow The White Rabbit 01

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Updated Last year I did a series of events by the title “Red versus Blue”. These series ended, largely because I just had to go and visit Milan, and then I just had to go and get involved with Kim (bless her darling heart), and then I went to the US. That is between early […]

The mad cow that ran dry

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Nuclear minimal deterrence Mad man strategy Fourth generation warfare Hard Wired In the article the author postulates the question – is nuclear deterrence dead? The simple premise is – is the power projected by the major powers ‘a sword that cannot be wielded’, a veritable stormbringer, a power with consequences that are so drastic they […]

An unhealthy climate of division and paranoia in H+

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Producerist sentiment has infested transhumanism. Can I say that? No maybe I should say – ‘the contrived left-right debate has fouled the debate in transhumanism’. Also, people started to distrust one another. In a short period no less than three transhumanists which I held in very high regard started succumbing to some very curious urges. […]

The emperor is wearing dead skin as garments

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Try and juxtapose the following twp things. First some pictures of artwork done by Wayne Douglas Barlowe – it is a major demon of Hell – Sargatanas. He is robed in material harvested of damned souls caught in Hell. The second picture is a demon who used to be a man, who became a god. […]

Going East

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Visiting eastern Netherlands for a brainstorming session this weekend, after I visit the hospital. My meat server (primary? meatatar>) had a gallstone attack. That was no fun, it put me offline for hours. I had to run as a viral on a load of other people’s neurals, the lag was plain horrible. Going back to […]


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I will be focusing on a new range of topics. I think I have made abundantly clear that the current nation-state model is collapsing and that the existing transnational economic order is unsustainable (if not outright complicit in crimes against humanity) in just a matter of years. I will be arguing alternatives and GTFO. That […]


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A US collapse is now a certainty this year 2011 or the next 2012. It is implausible that this would drag on for another presidential term. That implies I would demand of EU of my local government clear and unambiguous action to prepare for a range of US collapse scenarios. [youtube] [youtube] [youtube […]

The Narrow Winding Road Ahead

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February 2011 Synopsis: humans are not acting very civilized, and most people take it for granted. The way we deal with our old and dying (and death in general) can be interpreted as attitude of deep Apathy and Shellshocked detachment. The way we deal with humans unlike us is emotionally barren. Our justice systems are […]

Shut Down (15)

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A Handy Guide to the Revolts in the Middle East—And Their Likely Effects On Us By Gonzalo Lira The Middle East and North Africa. In 1848, protests and revolutions swept through Europe. The specific causes were different in each country, but the underlying cause was the same everywhere: The middle and upper middle classes—politically powerless […]

Sister Speaks

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Pilfered from here I am not an “Optimist” Okay, I’ve been busy writing articles for H+ recently and I’ve been being accused rather frequently of being, “An Optimist.” This post is about proving that I’m really not one. To do this, I first need to clear up a few things by explaining that I am […]

The time has come.

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[youtube] You may not understand but there is more afoot than you all see. Those in charge went to far and have been doing so for a long time. Now judgement has passed and the future starts again. It is time. Stand in the way and you will face considerable pain and discomfort. Or […]

You can’t win this guys

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Corporate interests are trying to reduce overhead to wages, unions, taxes, safety and health regulations, and a range of other costs. They actively do so in the US through lobbying politicians and the use of legal means. Each corporation thinks it wins in this manner, but in reality it is destroying what it stands for. […]

Old tricks

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[youtube] [youtube] [youtube] The neocons are trying to talk us into war — again [youtube]


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Take it back Senate advances collective bargaining changes; Democrats to return after Assembly vote GOP Senators find way to advance collective bargaining ban without Democrats present Price of drug to prevent preemies jumps from $20 to $1,500 after FDA approval Wisconsin Senate leader admits union-busting bill is about defeating Obama Wisconsin Senate Passes Bill Stripping […]


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Let me explain in extremely simple terms: The United States made a choice for rapid economic and industrial growth. This choice turned out irreversible. The choice made was made somewhere before or after World War two, and was largely a corporate choice, and it largely only benefits corporations. The choice made were a one way […]

That which matters most

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Oil British plans to strip Gaddafi of oil revenue Libya oil tanks seen as ‘time bomb’ Libyan Oil Reserves Oil prices rise as Libyan unrest continues With Middle East in Turmoil, Oil Prices Could Stall Global Economic Recovery What if the Middle East unrest causes an oil shock? Causal Chain Causes of Middle East Unrest. […]