September 2011


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Cadence 1. Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory. 2. The measure or beat of movement, as in dancing or marching. 3. a. A falling inflection of the voice, as at the end of a sentence. b. General inflection or modulation of the voice. 4. Music – A progression of chords moving to a […]

Money and Energy

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The fiat currency-based monetary system generated tens to hundred of trillions of ‘contrived’ money – money of which it can not be argued it is backed by anything. This money is now dormant in funds or other systems, and anyone of many who owns these funds who first decides to spend this ‘arbitrary money’ will […]

Curiously heavyhanded response

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I am extremely offended by what is happening in the US. If you didn’t know there is an actual permanent protest starting at NY’s Wall Street. This protest has bite. This wil actually have an impact and can escalate. This may be of critical importance. Check out my SCOOP.IT or email me

In Advance

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I know I am asserting something that is absolutely horrific. It is unacceptable – the idea that WTC collapsed because as a result of a controlled demolition, and in precisely the same manner as the other two big WTC buildings collapsed. It is unthinkable that all three buildings collapsed on account of demolition, yet they […]

The (Im)Moral Micro Continuum

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If the world of world of warcraft were real, it would be Hellish. Azeroth is insanity incarnate. One wouldn’t even want to briefly visit the place for fear of infection with a disease that turns one in to a horrific shambling mindless undead cannibal. And that’s just a low level thing. And then there is […]

The Maitreya and the Cyborg: Connecting East and West for Enriching Transhumanist Philosophy

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(source) In this essay I would like to reflect on Eastern and Western philosophy, their definition of enlightenment, and their connection to transhumanist thinking. How may Buddhist concepts like ‘Bodhi’ and the ‘Maitreya’ relate to the Western ‘Enlightenment’, human enhancement, and post/transhumanism? Although this sketch is far from complete at assessing, interpreting, and understanding the […]

Losing it

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Geert Wilders has gone raving mad. Screaming and spitting mad in parliament. Scandalous and shameful. …or so it seems! My old theory stands – Wilders was put in place as a stopgap against the populist popular vote (a fake politico) just after Fortuyn was killed. My theory is that Kok needed a solution to satiate […]

Surplus Meat

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There’s a fire starting now we’re all desperate Reaching a fever pitch and it’s taken us right in the streets Finally this scam becomes crystal clear’ Go and try sell us all your lies and we’ll drag you screaming to a tree See how now we got enough of everything you do Don’t underestimate the […]


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You. Are. Fucked. Fuck with the khani, get the horns. You were warned. Payday draws near. Check out my SCOOP.IT or email me

Red versus Blue

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I actually have an idea for Red versus Blue that is pretty much so rock solid and politically incorrect it will work for the long haul. Preparing this will take me a couple of weeks because the idea is based on some building and purchases – and that requires me L$ money. Stand by for […]

Sorry for the bad news Giulio

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Yesterday (very early friday 15 september) my ‘boss’, Giulio (and I use “boss” as an affectionate title) was able to hold a presentation at the Terasem “sim” in Second Life, on behalf of a gathering for the organization of Humanity Plus. There Giulio lamented the divisive, lackluster and fragmented moral character infusing transhumanism in 2011, […]

I had a dream of thousands of dog tags swaying in the storm.

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I was in a very detailed FPS shooter and forcibly male. I faced other such stylized males and I felt them approach, stalk up on me, in a deserted and ruined Abu Dhabi, and kill me. I experienced being shot, and then I was back in the deserted cityscape of Abu Dhabi, and it happened […]

My views on “marriage”

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I think marriage is a great idea. People do the damndest things. Hell, I have been married with a lesbian. We can here in the Netherlands. But what I am against is the state favouring the concept of marriage over another. I am for the state law being purged of any references to the idea […]

The Surreal Character Of “Progress Tax”

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Those who know me – I have been arguing for a few years that the steady forward creep of desparity in international society amounts to an existential threat. This may be a very bold claim, and it is also a claim many people instantly denounce, since the very idea smacks of (paraphrasing) marxism. I have […]

Bucket List

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I just had news that is sure to guarantee a few weeks of depression. No I am not telling; just that this world sucks. Raise a beer to SD, and come what may come. 🙁 Check out my SCOOP.IT or email me

Are Jobs on Their Way to Becoming Obsolete? And Is That a Good Thing?

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Do we have it backward when we call for job creation? Could we instead radically rethink our economy to benefit everyone? Media theorist and author of Life, Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back Douglas Rushkoff ruffled some feathers this week when he dared, at of all places, […]

The secret harvester strategy of Facebook

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Facebook has strategies to make money. I will try and link solid reports as soon as possible so do follow this post, but I have read alarming indications that Facebook does have a policy of rejecting users “likely to not be of relevance to any advertsing sponsors”. While Facebook rapidly grows in the developing world […]