October 2011

I want one

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If you have any comments please email me Check out my Disparity SCOOP.IT, respectively my Oil Versus SSPS SCOOP.IT.

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That is to much. Seriously. If you have any comments please email me Check out my Disparity SCOOP.IT, respectively my Oil Versus SSPS SCOOT.IT.


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(source) If you follow the online climate discussion, you’ve undoubtedly run across the mention of something called the “Little Ice Age,” a period in Earth’s history — generally considered to be between the 16th and 19th centuries — where the much of the world cooled by 1-2° C, enough to trigger a wave of glaciation […]


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Today was the worst day of Bob’s life. The only consolation to be drawn from that, was the fact that it also happened to be the last day of Bob’s life. Although, in a typical moment of bitter resentment, Bob would probably have claimed he had never really lived at all. If someone from the […]

The 9/11 WhistleBlower Reward Fund

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How much will be enough? There are some unnerving arguments that weeks before 11 September 2001 a large team of military demolitionists worked to undermine three WTC buildings. The team doing the grunt work must be fairly big and they must have taken months or weeks to prepare the collapse in a flexible manner. They […]

Thanks Curt

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(Quoted) …you are failing to grasp the obvious. With full automation, wealth is no longer controlled by labor. It’s 100% controlled by ownership. If you don’t own the machines, or own stock in the companies that own the machines, you won’t get any share of the huge wealth the machines are able to produce so […]

LADDER: The Development of a Prototype Lunar Space Elevator

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Introduction: LADDER is a mission to deploy an operational prototype Lunar Space Elevator (LSE) using currently available technology. The LADDER mission would erect a 264,000 km space elevator from the Lunar surface, past the L1 Lagrange point, to a counterweight deep in cislunar space. The LADDER mission is intended to gain experience with the deployment […]

The Israeli children who are suing for being born

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ISRAELI children with birth defects are increasingly suing the medical authorities for ever allowing them to be born. The rise in such “wrongful life” lawsuits, which the medical profession estimates at 600 since the first case in 1987, has prompted an investigation by the Israeli government. According to medical ethicists contacted by New Scientist, these […]

Resist the US Oil Vultures

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Looking at the facts, those in charge of the big powers have now in full force started an oil consolidation war. The problem is that the US has weapons, and China has dollars, so this is turning out a horrific bidding war. I call on all world’s nations to resist foreign presence – these people […]

What is a Chat Engine.

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First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek? – Hannibal Lecter Second Life to most people, has become a chat engine. Maybe it might even be regarded as a multi-user zork where the background […]

Calling all Naieve Artists

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Hello there, I wish to seek as many young naive artists as possible for a new video game I am working on. Time is of the essence here, so let’s get straight to business. It will be an “epic” videogame I use that word very loosely here, but what I’m trying to say is that […]

Alu Fiend

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Alu-fiends are the product of successful procreation between a succubus and a male mortal (mostly humans). Females are, generally, attractive or beautiful, going to great lengths at times to conceal their needle-like teeth and diminuitive wings. They often possess a high degree of sexual proclivity. Males, however, require more discriminative attention, as its “cousin”, the […]


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The world is extremely vulnerable to the dollar ending reserve currency status. The Euro has been deconstructed intentionally, vis-a-vis the Greek tragedy, and there is no alternative, and it looks plausible the Euro will fold as well. Unless Germany rolls the financial banking tanks into Athens. Occupy Athens indeed. This can’t go wrong. Only question […]