March 2012


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I propose a new way to look at politics. It would be “rate-your-politician”. This would involve a web site and everyone gets to create an account there – there should be a way to verify accounts but I suppose this would work as an app on Facebook. Next everyone defines (a) an elected politician and […]

If I were Al Qaeda – how would attack “the great satan” ?

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Let’s be clear about one simple fact: for me islamic radicals represent evil. And yes, the word evil is a “subjective” assessment. And let’s be more specific; islamic radicals who propagate the values of salafism (considering all non-muslims and moderate muslims as viable targets for terrorism) I qualify as “evil”. Evil means – having uncompromising […]

Fuck the Poor

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The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook 10 Most Obscene Lifestyles Choices of America’s 1% Elite Complaining about having to do their own dishes, or bragging about $800,000 car garages, the 1 percenters are all but screaming “let them eat cake” from the ramparts. As the […]

A New Role for the One Percent

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(source) A whole lot of us are stuck with credit-card debt that goes up each month, mortgages worth more than our homes and student loans that extend into infinity. So it’s only natural that we look at the debt crisis from the bottom up: from the perspective of the 99% who are getting screwed. But […]

The Hunger Games and the teenage craze for dystopian fiction

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Source Wizards and vampires are out. The market in teen fiction is dominated now by societies in breakdown. And it’s girls who are lapping them up. Many parents might feel worried on finding their teenage children addicted to grim visions of a future in which global warming has made the seas rise, the earth dry […]

Why I am leaving the Empire, by Darth Vader

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TODAY is my last day at the Empire. After almost 12 years, first as a summer intern, then in the Death Star and now in London, I believe I have worked here long enough to understand the trajectory of its culture, its people and its massive, genocidal space machines. And I can honestly say that […]

Societal auto-immune disease

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We live in a world which is new. The 20th century was unlike any century before that, and we saw fundamentally new things in this era. World war, mass genocide, nuclear weapons, manned flight, automated factories, mass transport, people in the moon, internet. And that’s just the more cinematic stuff. Every aspect of reality has […]

It’s Time To Think About Who We Are And What Is Our Place In The Universe

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Dmitry Itskov (socrates:) Yesterday I was very fortunate to get a rare English language interview from Dmitry Itskov – the elusive Russian entrepreneur spearheading project Avatar and Global Future 2045. The first time I saw Itskov was at the recent Singularity Summit where he revealed his uniquely ambitious project. I don’t know Dmitry well but […]

Will Iran be have no alternative but to wipe Israel off the map?

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New York Times George Bush, the U.S. former president on the right, with current commander in chief of the left. By RONEN BERGMAN Published: January 25, 2012 As the Sabbath evening approached on Friday Jan. 13, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paced the wide living-room floor of his home high above a street in north Teheran, its walls […]

Where do the global elites to lead us?

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We have a choice between two extremes; this planet can no longer cultivate the same levels of universal consumption. Now ask yourself – right now who has most effect on deciding where we are headed? You? Or the global hyper-rich? It’s time to wake up and speak up. Scenario One Scenario Two Updates * […]


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Link Review I’ll ask them for a free copy and review the game here.

The Hate Mongers

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. . . Remarkable statements * Extreme Hate speech on “Goyyim” * There is a thing called “going to far” * Owning the US congress * Bibi The Bullie wags the US doggie

The Final Disillusion

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Looking at the last ten thousand years the only conclusion is – how many people died because of tyranny and oppression? Of the unnatural deaths possibly more than half were directly or indirectly attributable to force or oppression by other humans. Can we conclude that this selection bottleneck had a distinctive effect on human genetics? […]