April 2012

Is It Possible To Build An Economy Without Jobs?

30 Apr , 2012 Uncategorized

Source Humans will always work. But that whole employee-employer thing is optional. It’s time to start looking for another model. Suppose that something caused iTunes, Sony Music, “American Idol,” SiriusXM and every other commercial music entity to disappear. Would humans still make music? Of course we would. Although capitalists would prefer we think otherwise, human […]

Me playing around back east.

30 Apr , 2012 Uncategorized

This here is the verbatim scan for my contribution to “Serbian cultural growth”. Like as if they didn’t have enough sexyness out there… (sigh! *moan* thinks of a few dark haired beauties)… Can someone arrange a verbatim translation for me? Khannea: “holy shit I am in Belgrade! What the hell am I doing here?” Undisclosed […]

Political Sponsorship

24 Apr , 2012 Uncategorized

I call on the Dutch business sector to offer a reward for any new government coalition if they finish the job, whatever the coalition is. I suggest a reward for : 1 the next prime minster 2 all members of cabinet, 3 all members of parliament, … who succeeds in sustaining a full 4 years […]


23 Apr , 2012 Uncategorized

This week from 25 to 29 2012 april I will be visiting Belgrade and attend the ShareConference. That’s Serbia for you. Let me share I am somewhat anxious about this adventure. There I will do a 30 minute short presentation on transhumanism, I’ll describe ‘the ascend towards the Singularity in the next few decades’, and […]

Pentagon Fears Global Technological Progress

21 Apr , 2012 Uncategorized

Pentagon’s Fear of Technological Progress Mirrors Global Elite’s Fear of Progress in General. Source by Tony Cartalucci April 21, 2012 – US Army General Martin Dempsey delivered an April 2012 speech at Harvard University where he addressed what he calls the “security paradox,” where he stated, “although geopolitical trends are ushering in greater levels of […]

Local city council boost funds for local Mafia’s “Iron Dome”

21 Apr , 2012 Uncategorized

NOT FAR FROM WHERE YOU LIVE – A municipal board is boosting money for the local branch of the Corleone crime syndicate “sawed off shotgun” defense system by $680 million amid an election-year fight over whether the city’s major is doing enough to placate the local warlord gangster. The Italian businessmen-controlled concerned Citizens Committee, which […]