October 2012

How close is Greece to collapse really?

31 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

To answer your question… Imagine the Greek economy a few years ago as a buss, speeding out of control, down a steep hill. You are watching this scene unfold in slow-motion. Some bystanders can see that there is huge drop ahead, and they call out to the buss-driver to brake immediately. The buss-driver keeps his […]

Space Academy

30 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

I have been invited to attend http://www.spaceacad.org/event.php in january 2013. (Assuming the world still exists then). I would hold two presentations there and whereas I have two solid ideas for a presentation clearly I have no funding. Attendance costs are 300e, and travel costs would be in the order of 500e. I assume additional costs […]

How to make Cosmism appealing and popular

30 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

Source Cosmism, in its modern version formulated by Ben Goertzel in his wonderful book A Cosmist Manifesto, is my personal philosophy. Two very interesting recent discussions on the KurzweilAI Forums, “Why New Agers will never accept Terasem” and “Cosmism, Terasem etc. – what is the missing ingredient?,” have interesting thoughts on how to make it […]

A Joyous Occasion

26 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

(source for one, two, three, four and five) The news of the latest Tanzanian deepwater oil discovery broke on an otherwise sleepy Saturday in March. Thirty years before, a find of the same size might have gotten two column inches somewhere in the back pages of a few newspapers of record, but this was not […]

Bill Moyers: The Plutocracy Will Go to Extremes to Keep the 1% in Control

20 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

From BillMoyers.com: The One Percent is not only increasing their share of wealth — they’re using it to spread millions among political candidates who serve their interests. Example: Goldman Sachs, which gave more money than any other major American corporation to Barack Obama in 2008, is switching alliances this year; their employees have given $900,000 […]

A game of terminal chess.

18 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

Wall street is playing Chess with the rest of humanity. Literally. They think they are winning the game, but they don’t realize that every time a piece is killed from the board humanity adds two new pawns anywhere they like at the last row. It’s like attacking a Hydra with a knife. Wall street is […]

So what is “Terasem” exactly?

15 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

If there is one “transhumanist”-inclined movement out there I really admire and appreciate it is Terasem. I had the pleasure of interacting with its founder shortly before and after my attendance at Transvision 2010. For those who don’t know, the founder of Terasem is the very successful Martine Rothblatt, who was at one time the […]

This won’t be forgotten quickly.

14 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

At the end of the fall of the iron curtain, about the early 1990s, “market liberals” basically abandoned the russian people and surrendered them in the hands of organized crime. The liberalization of free markets in Russia left humans in a pervasive state of poverty, crime, squallor, dirt and despair. Liberalization changed a “pretty dismal” […]

Oil belongs in Hell

14 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

Oil is a godsend. Seriously, oil is amazing. It is the biggest cake not just in history – it is the biggest gift since the Goddess invented plate tectonics. And guess what, humans since the Hindenburg have measured everything by the context of this affluence. All things in our current world are taken for granted […]

Democracy : Go ahead and try the alternatives.

14 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

The most toxic quote of our age. “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” (Churchill) Why? Well it is most like fighting a severe disease like cancer. One very common treatment for cancer is chemotherapy/radiotherapy combination. This treatment sucks balls. Nobody […]

Future of Work: Finding Value in the Rejects of the Job Economy

12 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

By: Nick Meador Published: October 10, 2012 Source For a few decades now, signs have gradually accumulated in American culture that something is very wrong with our basic notions of work, careers, and “making a living.” The end of the 1990s stands out in particular, when many pointed criticisms of the current work paradigm appeared […]

Reinventing Ourselves

11 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

First – the perfect genetic human specimen. I want the majority of women in the world to have the freedom to look like this. Youth and skin pigmentation included and that would entail a massive upgrade. Forever. At least for as long as they want to. Penis optional. Now we have established that, on towards […]

The Top Ten Things That Will Change. Or Else.

10 Oct , 2012 Uncategorized

In order of concern. Human-Man global warming is going to be far worse than the worst expectations. It has to be dealt with and the cost will be gruesomely expensive. Six degrees average temperature rise means we lose 99% of all life on the planet, and that includes humans. Oil and other petrochemical sourced of […]