November 2012

Kevin George Haskell

28 Nov , 2012 Uncategorized

Transhumanism is real, but only for the rich, and only for the 1-10%. Either work hard and smart to get into that group, or you will be either depopulated peacefully or via force. Make your choices now. If you don’t think you are competent enough to be in that 1-10%, then make your peace with […]

Christian group says demon sex makes you gay

27 Nov , 2012 Uncategorized

Sauce A Christian magazine warns that homosexuality is caused by sex with succubi — and that’s just the beginning. The reigning scientific consensus on sexual orientation is that it’s an inherited, biological trait, but that’s just because scientists don’t know how to party. A far sexier explanation has been offered up by Christian magazine Charisma, […]

Show me the money, “Caress” me.

23 Nov , 2012 Uncategorized

Facebook wants to get rid of the up-vote button. And what does it actually mean, other than a virtual pat on the head? As virtual pats on the head come, I’d prefer a more tangible one. So what if we can? What if we can have a button on Facebook, approved or not by Marky-mark, […]

Symptomatic Stagnation

21 Nov , 2012 Uncategorized

Here are some visual interpretations of massive waste of collective societal resources and capital in my current city. I strongly propose a law to nationalize/collectivize empty (half finished) resources and buildings such as these – worldwide. Local unemployment levels are over 25%. The question I am asking here is “if a private party uses the […]


10 Nov , 2012 Uncategorized

Just saying hello, was curious on your opinions on the lastest occurences in the world. America, post election and ‘super weather’, from an external view, they look to be holding firm, running everything as normal, although fuel rationing must be a shock to some. Something else I’ve heard lately is this move of western manufacturers […]

7 Best-Case Scenarios for the Future of Humanity

8 Nov , 2012 Uncategorized

George Dvorsky, IO9 Most science fictional and futurist visions of the future tend towards the negative — and for good reason. Our environment is a mess, we have a nasty tendency to misuse technologies, and we’re becoming increasingly capable of destroying ourselves. But civilizational demise is by no means guaranteed. Should we find a way […]

Told you so.

7 Nov , 2012 Uncategorized

Human enhancement and the future of work – Workshop report The Human enhancement and the future of work project explored potential enhancements arising from advances in science and engineering that are likely to impact on the future of work. Key messages identified by participants at a workshop in March 2012 included: Enhancement technologies could change […]

Romneyism, and my answer.

5 Nov , 2012 Uncategorized

Mitt Romney Khannea Suntzu 1. Corporations are the basic units of society. Corporations are people, and the overriding purpose of an economy is to maximize corporate profits. When profits are maximized, the economy grows fastest. This growth benefits everyone in the form greater output, better products and services, and higher share prices. 1. Corporations are […]