January 2013

Transhumanism’s Schism – are we motivated by Greed or Humanism?

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This article was published at Transhumanity.net, and was written by Zeev Kirsch http://transhumanity.net/articles/entry/transhumanisms-schism-are-we-motivated-by-greed-or-humanism. I’ve been observing the general tenor of transhumanism, via video footage on various speakers and events, essays published on the internet, and from speaking to self-identifying transhumanists by phone directly. I believe transhumanism is having an identity crisis, or possibly a schism. […]

Dining With Assange and Spies

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This article was written by Arjen Kamphuis, for HuffPoUK (lol) and was first published here. Used without explicit permission because that’s how I roll. However Arjen is a very dear friend and he kicks ass. I redacted the links “a little” for entertainment value. At their yearly conference the Dutch The National Cyber ​​Security Center […]

Nyc Labrets

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I have as little as possible to say on the topic, largely because I have no time for this. Even if this person is doing anything in his power to contact a lot of people and (in his words) try and ‘destroy’ me. I must have somehow touched a part of him deep inside, that […]


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(Source) If there’s one thing the past teaches us, it’s that human beings are cruel and capricious assholes, short-sighted and bloody-minded for whom everything always ends in tears. Our grandparents still remember a war that killed everyone who wasn’t our grandparents and ate a third of the entire population of Poland. On the evidence of […]

World news – woman pregnant with Chimpansee

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(update.. hehehe to all critics.) I just spend an hour on the phone with civil servants of the city of the Hague, and with the commission on “these issues” of the Dutch parliament. Why did I do that? Well, this may be a theoretical issue. It may be a human rights issue. And it may […]

Tukk’rr Derrr

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(link) This is about as important as it gets, and the Libertarian Transhumanist keep in denial. “Those people” just want to postpone acceptance of this fact as long as possible because it’ll mean more taxes. Sadly, the longer we wait changing society to accommodate the shift in work patterns, the more convulsive the transition. J’accuse!


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I coin this term today. The neologism is a contraction between “Fema” and “Favella”. The term describes large sprawling ghettoes of endless quickly constructed container and trailer (and many other sorts of improvized, cheap) dwellings in designated areas along the sprawling US metroplex areas. Femavellas’s primary raison d’etre is to offer living space tens of […]

Paul Krugman is Wrong about the Rise of the Robots

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(source) Paul Krugman has recently taken a keen interest in the rise of robots and automation — an issue that I have been focusing on since the publication of my book on this subject back in 2009. In a recent post, Krugman says the following: Smart machines may make higher GDP possible, but also reduce […]


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The reverse of The Enlightenment, the descent of American, Western, or global culture from previous heights of reason and human values. “To our minds, the fundamental cure, reducing the scale of the human enterprise (including the size of the population) to keep its aggregate consumption within the carrying capacity of Earth, is obvious but too […]

A New U.S. Grand Strategy

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BY PATRICK DOHERTY The strategic landscape of the 21st century has finally come into focus. The great global project is no longer to stop communism, counter terrorists, or promote a superficial notion of freedom. Rather, the world must accommodate 3 billion additional middle-class aspirants in two short decades — without provoking resource wars, insurgencies, and […]

The Dyke plugging genre

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“…The Dutch spend more then twice as much on video games as we [americans] do, even though they have less than a tenth of the gun violance … although to be fair most of their games are of the first person Dyke plugger genre…” — John Stuart Ohw?

Is it time to call “Capitalism” an existential threat yet?

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A few years ago I argued that rampant disparity in terms of affluence and poverty (or opportunity versus marginalization) in the world might be interpreted as an existential risk. In other words, a very large number of human beings might literally be pushed in to premature death by the combination of (a) disparity and (b) […]

Life Among the Plutocrats — What Unimaginable Wealth Does to a Person

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They control our politics, shape our societies, outsource our jobs. (source) Last year the Occupy movement brought the subject of inequality into public debate, and especially the inequality between those of us in the 99 per cent and the happy few in the one per cent. But Chrystia Freeland has been studying the happy few […]

Finite Planet

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. . . . . (link) I’m not sure who uttered the phrase first. I have heard the phrase many times since I got hip to the truth about Peak Oil and the predicaments we face with a decline in energy availability and resources. Throughout my journey of discovery and my quest for information and […]

What might a world without work look like?

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As ideas of employment become more obscure and desperate, 2013 is the perfect time to ask what it means to live without it. Source A few months before the financial crash hit, the National Lottery issued a new kind of scratchcard. At £5 a go – the more expensive end of the range – it […]

Crisis and the epidemic of rape

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The human species is based on ubiquitous procreation. Procreation in the animal kingdom is based on a range of procreation strategies, and even in the animal kingdom many of these are generated based on non-volition. In most species males are bigger than the females and consequently more physically powerful. I witnessed that last summer with […]