February 2013


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I just did something wrong. I just experienced two separate incidents of what I’d term discrimination. Emphasis on ‘experience;. The first incident was on the train back from the east of the country. During my travel I experienced a bout of severe screaming and taunting from some, what I’d classify, more culturally backward schoolkids. This […]


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http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2013/02/21/apocalypse_soon?wp_login_redirect=0 You almost got the essence. Almost. But halfway you just stopped thinking. Machines are created with purpose. Machines are devices that manifest the values and interests, not of the people that create them – but of the people that pay for them. Our whole world i about embedding financial interests of investors. It is […]

Dear Dutch and European Parliamentarians

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Updates * Google won’t approve facial recognition Glass apps until it has ‘privacy protections in place’ * The Google Glass feature no one is talking about. * Stop the Cyborgs Movement * Google Glass Driving Ban * Privacy ‘impossible’ with Google Glass warn campaigners First, take the video feeds from every Google Glass headset, worn […]

Khannea Suntzu

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Tomorrow (thursday 7 february 2012) this time I will be travelling to the city of Breda (a place I had sworn to never visit again, as it represents a lot of quite painful memories for me) to visit the court house for a hearing for my name change. The judge holding the hearing is Mr. […]

Transhumanist Declaration With Too Much Chili

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The following text is a proposal written by me, Khannea Suntzu. This text has no status or claims beyond that of a proposal. This text may be freely quoted and commented on, and is made available for the IEET, Humanity+, Transhumanity web site and other similar platforms of debate. The original “transhumanist Declaration was published […]