March 2013

What is the problem?

27 Mar , 2013 Uncategorized

The success of modernity is by and large mass-production. The total utility of a society where goods are mass produced (while it doesn’t always produce healthy conditions…) does produce very cheap goods, especially where information technology-based products and sound engineering are involved. The last decades have seen unprecedented societal growth and increase in well-being, precisely […]

Bitcoin Test

25 Mar , 2013 Uncategorized

I would ask people to make a minute BitCoin donation here 1N6whkUK5Wg7LzusksDDCcayzGcrTm7aRa To see if the deposit system works quick enough. If you can send me a conformation email, so I can verify.

A series of patches for democracy

20 Mar , 2013 Uncategorized

1. Every citizen can vote. Non-citizens can not vote. 2. Only a citizin with person-hood rights can be voted for. Right now the group attributed with personhood rights is limited to humans. 3. Every citizen with personhood can be voted for. Non citizens or non-persons can not be voted for. 4. Voting can be done […]

Recommended humor.

18 Mar , 2013 Uncategorized

This is actually funny if you care for chewing-gum-under-the-condom-machine-in-the-toilet kind of humor. An orgy of up-to-date geek references. Willam peach must waste so much time on fashionizing, makeup consolidating and geek culture it dazzles my danglies. I’d hit it, provided she didn’t do sarcasm on me, or I couldn’t. But hey at least she knows […]

Red versus Blue Arguments

12 Mar , 2013 Uncategorized

Some have noticed that I have been having some heated debates (argumentative arguably) over on the Singularity Network facebook group. I have been having colorful and expressive run-ins with a few of the usual right wing suspects, namely Samantha Atkins (who has always been a fairly close friend) and Mike Lorrey (who I’d qualify as […]

Overpopulation and God

10 Mar , 2013 Uncategorized

The term “behavioral sink” to describe aberrant behaviors in overcrowded population density situations and “beautiful ones” to describe passive individuals who withdrew from all social interaction. John Calhoun did an experiment with mice and the only adversity was the limit on space. Initially the population grew rapidly, doubling every 55 days. The population reached 620 […]

I don’t get it. Black Holes.

2 Mar , 2013 Uncategorized

I have a question for anyone out there who gets this sort of thing. Recent discoveries studying the accretion disk of a very heavy galactic core black hole seem to suggest that ‘the surface zone’ around a black hole is “moving” at a speed close to the speed of light. I see a problem here. […]