June 2013


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Originally from reddit: Pretext: A lot of people are analyzing this recent PRISM surveillance thing and speculating on what’s going on. It’s not a mystery. A lot of people are construing this to be explicitly a privacy issue. While I agree that privacy is a fundamental part of a democracy, I am inclined to disagree […]

The Pentagon’s Preparations for War Against Us The People Of The US.

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Source!!! A score of recent defense department and other official documents warn that climate change, energy shocks and economic crisis could trigger waves of civil unrest. The understanding seems to explain the proliferation of security and surveillance programs over the last decade. The preparation makes sense from the perspective of governments (four of which—the U.K., […]

Reddit: AngryRantingRealist on NSAGate

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Better Source / 5.0 Pretext: A lot of people are analyzing this recent PRISM thing and speculating on what’s going on. It’s not a mystery. A lot of people are construing this as a privacy issue. While I agree that privacy is an integral part of a democracy, I am inclined to disagree that this […]

The Rise of the Anti-State Cyber-Warrior

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(source!!) We have all heard about young men (and they do seem to be almost all men) who it is said have become anti-social, who spend most of their time at computers, on the internet, with few friends, seeming of little value to greater society. But is this really a correct view of these men? […]

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* Scraping the barrel for revenues: Private Prison Profits Skyrocket, As Executives Assure Investors Of ‘Growing Offender Population’; Titans; * Snoopgate: Surveillance Can be Used to Frame You, If Someone In Government “Happens to Take a Dislike to You”; America’s New Normal: Mass Surveillance, Secret Courts and Death to Whistleblowers; “If They Want to Get […]


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Large segments of society are embracing a cadaver willingly, full of desire. The Cadaver is Thanatos, the will to embrace death itself. Division was created based on the works of Clancy, not a moral human being to start with, and this game revels in the adoration of a world where millions have died under horrible […]


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I wrote an article about “Eugenics” several years ago, and at the time I didn’t fully appreciate how insidiously tainted the term “eugneics” has become. Eugenics is a curse word. The very idea of Eugenics can no longer be disassociated from the atrocities waged in its name. On account of this idea people were imprisoned, […]

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Space: Elon Musk Goes Full Mars; Us Foreign Policy: Ex CIA Chief Debunks US Foreign Policy Myths (Hint: is too expensive); Sociology: Atheism Reloaded; Oil: Seven Sisters 1; Dangerous Times As Energy Sources Get Costlier To Extract; Scary Shit: Insidious 2; Japan: Places where no people are born; Dystopia: NK; Authoritarian NeoLiberalism; The Death of […]

Dear Khannea

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Hi K! “The collapse of petrodollar, is that a good thing or bad? How will for example Sweden be affected? How will i personally get affected?” Hi Kris. The US implemented and imposed a world financial order at the end of WW2. At the time this system, which I can call “the global trade reserve […]


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Quentin Mabille . We were tired of our mundane lives in an un-augmented biosphere. As Transhumans, some of us booted up our mind-uploads while yet others ventured out into the desert of the real world in temperature regulated nano-clothing, experiencing a tropical paradise… even as the “naturals” would deny it’s very existence. Link

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* Dystopia: Perspectives on the Limits of Growth: It is too late for sustainable development; The Case for Sending Alan Greenspan to Prison; A world with less oil; Big Yellow ducks in China No Longer Allowed; Food prices causally link to oil prices; The Insider Crowds (I suggest they increase their budget for personal protection […]

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* Transhumanism: This Man Is Not a Cyborg. Yet., The Human Adventure is Just Beginning * Turkish Protests: Pic Summary; General Pics; General Pic; Turkish Police goes psychotic; Third day protests; More; Turkish protests turns in to civil war; Turkish PM vows to crush any signs of civil war in Turkey; Occupy Instanbul has a […]

Dear Khannea

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Hey K! I have checked some discussions on UN agenda 21. What is your opinion on that? American tv channel Fox News is trying to pluck agenda 21 to pieces. They even suggest that 21 group want to biohazard at lots of ppl to death for sort of “start over”. Is it any truth to […]