September 2013

Reddit on Money

26 Sep , 2013 Uncategorized

Question Can you explain the petrodollar and its impact on our collapse? I had heard that we went from gold to fiat, then used fine print in the EPA charter to use federal lands as collateral for our federal debt. And now we have nowhere else to go but to protect the petrodollar, print money, […]


25 Sep , 2013 Uncategorized

When Hawks did his first laboratory experiment in december 2017 he was looking for a means to push dirt from flat screen solar panels using minimum electrical current. Hawks was a poor researcher working in some dismal US east coast laboratory and he had a pretty dismal methamphetamine habit. So he didn’t realize the implications […]

Catchup Mission

25 Sep , 2013 Uncategorized

It is the year 2079 I am floating in the void. This is a mission of great historical relevance. I am 350 Astronomical Units removed from earth. My signals take over two days to reach the inner solar system. I am flying solo in a private fusion-propelled yacht by the name of Stross IV. For […]

A Radical North Korea Solution

23 Sep , 2013 Uncategorized

Thinking about reunifying Korea is an exercise in voluntary migraine. North Korea is in a horrific state. Recently we have been told that North Korea may be close to collapse. So even if the western world (under a US led coalition, no doubt) would have any absolutely no ambition to topple the regime there, the […]

The Shallow Well

19 Sep , 2013 Uncategorized

The Shallow Well is a concept for a TV series, set on a lunar colony in the near future. It is the year 2034 and at the same time several groups of people make a desperate landing on the moon after being cut off from Earth. All the people that land on the moon were […]

Evidence of facebook shadow profiles

6 Sep , 2013 Uncategorized

Today I did a test, and facebook was my test subject. Guess what? Facebook miserably failed this test. As some of my readers may know I legally changed my name in to Khannea Suntzu. The court case was handled on the 4th of july of this year and next month (October) my legal name will […]