November 2013

The Dutch Pirate Party

30 Nov , 2013 Uncategorized

The Dutch pirates in a very turmoiled state. Drama comes quickly in these here parts, and many people are in staunch disagreement with one another. A week ago I attended a national assembly (ALV) meeting in Delft. On an impulse I made myself available for inner membership council, and international representation, for which I both […]

“CyberMonarchism”. This may actually be a good idea…

24 Nov , 2013 Uncategorized

The following article is my first cursory post in this topic. I may have to edit the article for flow and spelling errors. If you have comments, complaints or questions please email me. I made this article available for the Pirate Party blog, KurzweilAI, TechCrunch and the IEET. If you like to reprint if, please […]

The Trap

11 Nov , 2013 Uncategorized

(I will invariably edit this for spelling errors and messy. Stand by for final version) Several hundred million years ago a large object drifted in to the solar system. Deep inside the object was a dormant intelligence. The object swirled by the sun hundreds of times on a fast trajectory before it had sufficiently slowed […]