December 2013

Planetary Seppuku just weeks before “The Singularity”

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Let me add another existential risk to the list. It is 2040. Technology has advances explosively, changing the face of the planet completely. As a result disparity of affluence has completely escalated. In 2040 trends current from 2013 continue, and most people in the developed world get LESS, in relative terms than they do 30 […]


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I declare myself in favor of the immediate formation of an independant Kurdistani state. I call on Syria, Iran, Iraq, Armenia and Turkey to consent.

Lorentz Lyceum, Arnhem

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(Link) Keywords: Moore’s Law, Internet, legacy technology (ASCII, QWERTY), Technological unemployment, Income Disparity, IP, Basic Income, Patents, Copyright, Capitalism, 1%, Occupy, Banking Sector, Banking criminals, the Dollar, Collapse, Accelerating Technologies, Iceland, Derivates, Banking speculation, Housing crisis, Dan Massey, DARPA, New Economy, Samir is a very cute boy, Nixon Oil Shock, Politics, Google Glass, Biometrics, Face […]

Freedom is slavery, Slavery is freedom

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I normally regard Stefan Molyneux as an unmitigated, repugnant libertarian cunt, that deserves to be forcibly deported to the free trade zone of Somalia, but .. in this particular video I am mostly in agreement with his analysis.

Municipal party programs for the Hague parties.

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* Christen Democratisch Appel * Democraten 66 * Groen Links * Groep de Mos * Groep Ter Linden * Haagse Stadspartij * Islam Democraten Den Haag * Partij van de Eenheid * Partij van de Dieren * Partij van de Vrijheid * Politieke Partij Scheveningen * Partij van de Arbeid * Socialistische Partij * Vereniging […]