February 2014

Technological Dehumanization – zero Quantum of Solace

23 Feb , 2014 Uncategorized

Human evolved from something else. The term human is linked to terms “humane” and “humanist”, and these terms imply benevolence and kindness. The suggestion being that alone among all animals and mammals humans have instincts towards charitable behavior. This isn’t strictly true – humans have a child-rearing instinct and that may in large part explain […]

Uncle Sugar

8 Feb , 2014 Uncategorized

“Libertarianism” will be victorious … … only when it acknowledges the majority of human beings will be left unemployed by the advance of technology and automation. The simple fact is that unemployed people create a vast and irresistible demand for government. The government is actively pushing to make this unemployment irreversible – jobs lost now […]