March 2014

European Law – declare ‘unlicensed’ combatant stateless

30 Mar , 2014 Uncategorized

There are two problems. First problem is there is an increasing number of rogue types and former military people fighting as mercenaries world wide. These people routinely engage in human rights violations. The second problem is closely related – that of people who are currently citizens of a EU member state and join in to […]

The Massive Danger of Societal Nihilism

29 Mar , 2014 Uncategorized

Just a short while, a researcher by the name of Safa Motesharri came out with an article that got some support from NASA. NASA at least put some money in that study, and it caught on in the media that the story was an officially NASA sanctioned, supported or otherwise prominent study. It isn’t but […]


22 Mar , 2014 Uncategorized

Eylhrene is a ringed planet far far from Earth. The main orbits at high metallicity star slightly bigger than the sun at a mean distance of 190 million kilometers, but with a margin of fifteen million kilometers eccentricity. Eylhrene was impacted fairly recently in geological history by a lunar sized object, which resulted a 90 […]

Cthulhu Awakens. Roughly speaking – what kind of stuff happens?

18 Mar , 2014 Uncategorized

Second-to-minutes: * Acute insanity erupts world wide, primarily around the pacific rim. People world wide who were already insane will suddenly exhibit visible skin discoloration, small protrusion, severe acne, wrinkly ochre skin and other deformities. THE mad tend to become hysteric, as if suffering overwhelming anxiety or mental anguish. Many insane people attack hospital staff […]

Be my fellow conspirator

13 Mar , 2014 Uncategorized

In the future there may be a few modest opportunities for personal benefit if you grasp them. So there might be a range of opportunities between now (2014) and 2025, and increasingly more probable somewhat beyond this time – when it comes to the field of life extension, or rejuvenation. Yes I full well acknowledge […]

Reddit – “How much oil is forming” ?

12 Mar , 2014 Uncategorized

Link My reply: Irrelevant. Oil formed in specific periods in ancient history. It does not form appreciably today. In the distant past you had these inland seas that became anoxic. That caused lots of material to deposit at the bottoms of these inland seas. The rotting anoxic crap was captures by sedimentary accumulation. If that […]

Tyranny by any other name

4 Mar , 2014 Uncategorized

If by now you still think you are a temporarily inconvenienced m(b)illionaire, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. . It is very difficult these days to argue against the alleged merits of Capitalism. Even though “Capitalism” may be a very diffuse concept. You’ll find no coherent definition of “Capitalism”. The idea veers all the […]

Is a programmable RFID chip freedom of expression?

3 Mar , 2014 Uncategorized

An RFID chip is a small electronic device that is implanted in a human body. Such a device is embedded to contain information. These chips are implanted to tell things about a human being, such as identity or contractual information – such as a money debit system. This signifies a risk, since it means the […]