May 2014


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What is Eusingularization? This term implies two things, first – the prefix Eu- for ‘good’, or “desirable”. That simple prefix conceptually implies that there is a range and diversity of possible “Singularities”. There isn’t “the” Singularity. Anyone who keeps talking about “the” Singularity simply doesn’t get it. The second implication of my use of the […]

Back to the Future – Presentation Text

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Connection is the transformation of humanity into trans- or post-humanity. – P. J. Manney . Hello everyone. I am Khannea Suntzu. My avatar name happens to coincide with my real life name as of last year. I am a transsexual artist from the Netherlands, and my chosen artform is “lifestyling” and “civil recalcitrance”. I blog, […]

Boko Haram – seeking Bitcoin donations

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I am interested on proposals for collecting BitCoin donations to hire independent mercenaries or soldiers of fortune to 1 – find Boko Haram, and find the girls kidnapped, upon which the mercenaries would receive a certain amount of Bitcoin for every girl released, upon providing evidence the girl was kidnapped and vide (youtube) evidence of […]

Back to the future – 15 May 2014

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First article link, second article link, Terasem, Soleri City, Martine RothBlatt, Philip Linden, Giulio Prisco, High Fidelity Wiki, High Fidelity Homepage. We stand at the point in history when technology is catching up to ambitions. When Second Life started in 2003 it was a very constrained means for Virtual Reality Realization. Betweren 2005-2009 we went […]