June 2014

Should we hold bad leaders internationally accountable?

28 Jun , 2014 Uncategorized

/> Badly managed countries inflict damage on their neighbors. We can’t hold countries accountable for callous disregard for their own people and land, but we can file complaints as soon as the faulty policies cross borders. One such consequence is mass-migration. As you can read from this article migration is increasing. The people doing the […]

Aubrey on Hard Talk

26 Jun , 2014 Uncategorized

IEET The clock is ticking. Aubrey was just there at the cusp of the new millennium to emphasize the point that conceivably someone can do this. He was the first to make this point in a particularly emphatic, plausible, rational manner. Any number of similarly talented, motivated, resourced people could have taken up this gauntlet. […]

2114/6 – on the nature of evil

14 Jun , 2014 Uncategorized

My series 2113 (2114( is a speculative series of articles on a fictional timeline of the future set one century from “now” . This time portrays the future as it might be based on several premises. This fictional timeline assumes things will be a logical extension of the world of 2014, will perpetuate all things […]


13 Jun , 2014 Uncategorized

The Kraken – ~125 meters tall, 7.450.000 kilo (category 6?) Slattern – ~121 meter tall, 6.750.000 kilo (category 5) Godzilla (2014) – ~108 meters tall, 81.646.627 kilo (category 5, plasma breath weapon) Bando Aqua monster – ~220 meters length – (can only operate in water? Raiju – ~120 meters, 3.475.000 kilo Knifehead – ~110 meters, […]

Overton and Basic Income

5 Jun , 2014 Uncategorized

Basic Income is idea that’s very difficult to compellingly sell to policymakers. Among policymakers I count the people that might have a sway on the acceptance and implementation of a basic income: – elected politicians – non-elected career bureaucrats – governmental academics and scientists – the banking sector – career lobbyists – (other) sponsors of […]