July 2014

The Purge

24 Jul , 2014 Uncategorized

Why would I regard some movie such as “The Purge” as anything other than irrelevant violence porn? The Purge is a movie set in a near future Dystopia United States, Nine (!) years after a nonviolent coup. In the fictional universe of the Purge one night every from year 7:00 PM March 21 to 7:00 […]

Do I “like”Palestinians? No I simply do not. However.

17 Jul , 2014 Uncategorized

I may appreciate individual Palestinians (or Arabs) as dear friends (or occasionally lovers) but you can’t expect me to actually like the culture, their religion and their politics. I’d rather not deal with Palestinians or Arabs, insofar these people exhibit their transitional cultural preferences. I don’t like Arab men because by and large I have […]

The conflict arc of Basic Income

14 Jul , 2014 Uncategorized

Let’s face it. Basic Income seems unthinkable in most capitalist western democracies. Most voters wouldn’t want it, corporations sure as hell don’t want it and by and large government parties can’t be bothered with the idea. The implementation pathway for such a social project as Basic Income seems wrought with challenges. Try engage some US […]