February 2015

Let’s say it in poetic language

4 Feb , 2015 Uncategorized

The current state of the economy is a parable for non-reality. It isn’t even  a proper metaphor, it’s in itself a poetic allegory or allusion. Probably not even children’s rhyme. Economy is a pretense, a figleaf, a back alley theater making drunken show that has no bearing on reality. Still the notables court it’s smudged halls and […]

Revolutions still can happen, and soon.

3 Feb , 2015 Uncategorized

In the last few months there has been a spade of articles warning us for civil unrest.  The reasons for this civil unrest might several years ago have been popularly attributed to phenomenon such as technological unemployment, resource depletion, immigration, banker shenanigans, political gridlock (and mismanagement), lousy media, outsourcing or climate change.  But the money is now […]