August 2015

Are socialists in favor of a Basic Income?

24 Aug , 2015 Uncategorized

Nope they are not. At least not in the Netherlands. This is the position of the SP (Socialist Party) on Basic Income. SP-Tweede Kamerlid Paul Ulenbelt: ‘Een onvoorwaardelijk basisinkomen is een sympathiek idee, maar ook niet meer dan dat. Socialisten vinden dat iedereen zijn bijdrage moet leveren aan de maatschappij. Dat wij produceren en diensten […]

Who Owns You?

22 Aug , 2015 Uncategorized

(By Extropia DaSilva) Maritme Admiralty Law is what is known as the law of the water. It is superceded by civil law and only applies to those that willingly contract themselves into it. The definition of Admiralty Law is a body of private international law governing the relationships between private entities which operate vessles on […]

A Sincere Question For Those Who Identify as “Religious”

2 Aug , 2015 Uncategorized

If you identify as “religious” and have read my previous articles or book chapters dealing with religious issues, you almost certainly count me as an enemy, not a friend, an atheist bigot lacking empathy—or even worse. And I understand why you feel like that. After all, I still refer to Religion as A serious delusiomal […]