February 2016

System safeguards for A.I. are unlikely to make any difference

22 Feb , 2016 Uncategorized

A decade ago AI research wasn’t as hot as it is now. But right now, in 2016 AI is very much a profitable endeavor. Many now argue that with regards to AI there is a risk for (a) mass unemployment, (b) mass political destabilization (for instance mass-abuse of intelligent drones by terrorists), or even (c) […]

The Wilders Scam – now spreading across the world.

18 Feb , 2016 Uncategorized

All of what I am writing is nothing more or less than unproven conspiracy theory. I would love to provide anything else than circumstantial evidence, but it is what it is. If you don’t mind that, join me on a wonderful journey of exploration, and if you see any merit in this, feel free to […]

Scandalous, Shameless

9 Feb , 2016 Uncategorized

Here’s an article about the same presentation. I am quite annoyed with one of the speakers in the presentation, specifically by Ian Ground. Here is his academic page. I am not especially bothered with the condescension of Ian towards Aubrey in the opening statements, markedly refusing to acknowledge or even mention his name. That is […]

Unilateral Space

5 Feb , 2016 Uncategorized

The US has passed a bill through congress that allows US companies to claim and thus own interplanetary resources and pretty much do with these as they see fit. That means conceivably – making a profit as big as the sky. A casual reading of the High Frontier, and a few SF books 1, 2, […]