May 2016

The Hillary Clinton Presidency Is Over Before It Started.

30 May , 2016 Uncategorized

. I am starting to get the feeling this is actually it. Also note facebook does not index this article. It is uncanny. Try and share it, and be perplexed. I am getting the feeling the Status Quo is in full clamp-down emergency mode. Source Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cannot, by U.S. law, hold […]


21 May , 2016 Uncategorized

Right now the dialogue is run by radical, offensive and hypersensitive statements. The norm is exagerration. People exaggerate, how bad their life is, how “demonic” transgenders are and that “they will kill god”. How much they are under siege from liberal media. How they are coming to take away their guns. How their kids face […]


11 May , 2016 Uncategorized

Update * Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems Attempts to limit competition are treated as inimical to liberty. Tax and regulation should be minimised, public services should be privatised. The organisation of labour and collective bargaining by trade unions are portrayed as market distortions that impede the formation of a […]