July 2016

The problem with black African Americans

23 Jul , 2016 Uncategorized

America has a major problem, as depicted in his video here. An African American women was slammed to the ground and arrested by a police officer, and she asked him why everyone was afraid of black people. His answer was pretty shocking. Brett Erlich, Grace Baldridge, and Hasan Piker, hosts of The Young Turks, break […]

How Sexual Dominance Influences Politics

23 Jul , 2016 Uncategorized

written by Gregory Gorelik (original article) The link between sex and dominance is age-old and pervasive. From the works of the Marquis de Sade to Vladimir Nabokov, literature is suffused with its ecstasies and tortures. Its depictions in popular cinema and print, from 9½ Weeks to Fifty Shades of Grey, suggest that this inseparable link […]

The world of Islam has soft targets too

15 Jul , 2016 Uncategorized

5:45 Yesterday a man drove a truck in to a crowd and kep driving for kilometers during the Bastille day celebtrations om Nice. Since he is half french and half meghreb it seems safe to assume this was a terrorist attack by islamic (lower case) radicals. Enough is enough. I can’t and won’t make any […]

Kessler syndrome and the formation of AGN

1 Jul , 2016 Uncategorized

Observed galaxies in the cosmos nearly all contain a supermassive black hole. These SBH’s have masses closely tied in the hosting galaxy size, suggesting a strong correlation in formative history. Our galaxy’s SBH has a mass of over 3 million solar masses, crammed in to a region smaller than the orbit of Mercury around the […]