September 2018

Climate change is solved, stop everything you are doing.

6 Sep , 2018 Uncategorized

Where can we absorb CO2 in very large amounts, turn it in to carbon and oxygen? What first comes to mind is the Sahara, and with the proper technology that should indeed be a workable solution. But there may be a far better alternative. There’s a bizarre amount of carbon buried as methane, coal and […]

Well-known Transhumanists disappears, possible black-ops CIA rendition

4 Sep , 2018 Arjen Kamphuis,Disparity,Disruptive Technologies,Extralegal Rendition,Politics,Tyranny,Wikileaks

I am informing everyone of the mysterious disappearance of Arjen Kamphuis in Norway. Arjen has been active in the left leaning, anti-establishment thinking side of transhumanism. His possible appearance is treated seriously by Wikileaks, of which he was a consultant. I consider Arjen a friend and someone I greatly admire. There’s a distinctive possibility he […]