Nyc Labrets

Posted: 27th January 2013 by Khannea Suntzu in Uncategorized
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Infect Teh Interwebs

I have as little as possible to say on the topic, largely because I have no time for this. Even if this person is doing anything in his power to contact a lot of people and (in his words) try and ‘destroy’ me.

I must have somehow touched a part of him deep inside, that the moment I pulled away in a fit of loathing I brought out all the pain and loneliness and abandonment festering in his heart, and made him truly hate me. ‘Hell hath no fury’ I suppose.

… a precise figure defining the comfort, humanity and fellow feeling required between two people for mutual acknowledgement to survive. If the quantum of solace is nil (or actually negative), then the relationship is dead…

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