Oculus Rift, Facebook

Posted: 18th September 2014 by Khannea Suntzu in Uncategorized
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Infect Teh Interwebs

Facebook takes complaints from users about nudity seriously. So when I posted an article about the applications of Oculus Rift in a few dozen groups on Facebook, I made the header image for the article not depicted. The problem is that Facebook ignores attempts at making header images for articles not visible, and when you refresh the page the image becomes visible.

So I got a warning, disallowing me to post or respond to articles for 24 hours.

She’s got a great ass by the way.

How convenient, actually. There was also some other ongoing drama on Facebook, which I shall not comment about at this time, and my temporary Facebook reprieve proved to be amazingly timed.

This I did not post. Enjoy.

VEIVIEV teaser from Veiviev Limited on Vimeo.

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