Stop fucking whining about “Political Correctness”

Posted: 18th November 2016 by Khannea Suntzu in Uncategorized
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I am through with people whining about “safe spaces” and “politicical correctness”. I am through with people whining that “freedom of speech” is under threat by “libruls”. Maybe there are some autistic types on some few US universities that have reached the breaking point in terms of being attacked by extreme right wingers, oligarchist neoliberals, theocratic fascists and other assorted psychopaths. Yes some people have blindly and indiscriminately lashed out against decades of right wing vitriol, and they have done so like complete imbeciles. But most of this ring wing whining about PC police and safe spaces is just fucking strawman humping. It’s bullshit, that exists only in some esoteric corners of US academia. It sure as fuck isn’t happening in the academia where I go.

Listen, there is a war of ideas going on, and either side is getting more polarized. The idea that there’s some massive liberal conspiracy going on against freedom of speech is just an idea, a strategy, a tactic. It is magnifying some fringe loons, putting some misguided autists under a microscope and screaming out to the world “See! Those leftists are fascists!”. If you truly really believe that than fuck you, you are a misguided imbecile. Go fuck off to your dominionist church and fucking die there. Go listen to some of the right on women’s rights, or the amounts of gays and transgenders that kill themselves out of fucking despair over threats, rape, violence and poverty. Go listen to pro-lifers. Go listen to the venom spewed by conservative talk show hosts and the sheer societal violence by decades of far right wing austerity. Go look at the practice of law enforcement in the US, or how terrified blacks in the US, and mostly all countries are of police.

There’s a song about this. Go listen to that, you fucking numbskull. I had enough of this “divide and rule” crap. I had enough of this red versus blue bullshit. Cut it out you guys, to paraphrase some sell-out vitriolic shilling bitch.

Aftermath November 2016 from Steve Cohen on Vimeo.

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