My message to the US “Deep State”.

Posted: 7th August 2017 by Khannea Suntzu in Uncategorized
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I do not love you. I don’t even moderately like you people. You are an antidemocratic force and I’d love to see you all removed from office.

But having said that, Donald. J. Trump needs to go, by any and all means possible. His presidency is so fundamentally flawed, and a sentencing or an impeachment so unlikely, you people “of the deep state” need to take responsibility and remove him from office. Yes I am aware that calling for the assassination of the US president is a crime by US laws, but clearly the situation is so dire that all options should be deliberated. I am asking for key members of the deep state to meet, discuss the situation, and draw your conclusions. Hold a secret court proceedings. But act now.

Yes I am aware that when Trump goes this way, then his key family members working in the administration also need to go, probably in the same manner. And clearly that has similar implications for Pence, since a Pence theocratic presidency is probably as bad. And that in turn spells out some dire implications for the a large section of Congress and Senate. I am not advocating removing all these people down to the last designated survivor (how would you do that? A contrived nuclear terrorist attack on DC? Relocate the capital to Denver?) but yes, logical speculations lead us in to a very dark place. But not as dark as a continued Trump presidency?


Do it now before this horrible man drags us all in to an even worse nightmare.

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