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Infect Teh Interwebs

For a long time I have been receiving more and more ads via google. I get ads on my emails, I get ads on my apps, I get ads on my news stories, I get ads on youtube. Most ads I get are highly repetitive. I can not emphasize just how viciously annoying these repeated attempts to lure my eyeballs to them have become. Yet google, for some inane and unfathomable reason, keeps peppering me with the same ads over and over again.

You pay for these ads. I get them. Despite my repeated attempts to refuse the ad, and indicate “they are inappropriate”, “they are repetitive” or “i have seen this ad before”, google ignores me posting a response in this manner. It is almost as if the response mechanism google has implemented doesn’t do anything. It is almost as if google, as the world’s biggest advertising agency, doesn’t give a damn it repeats the same ad over and over again. It is almost as if google has a personal stake in taking your money for advertising and funnel those ads to people who are actively annoyed by them, and are categorically disinterested in them.

That’s why I wrote you an email, with this blog post on it. I am notifying you of this fact, and the simple fact google takes your money and terrorize people using the internet with that money. Your ad investments have become a means of pestering and annoying people. Despite the fact that this advertising investment is wasted in doing so, it is also resulting in people actively antagonistic against your brand. Yes – my conclusion is that google ads are now causing people to hate your product.

Please take steps to correct this. Please notify google that this approach isn’t working. Please readjust your advertising strategy. This isn’t merely a case of diminished returns – you are now willfully entering the realm of negative returns or “blowback”.

If you are a google executive advertising reading this – I refer you to bill hicks.

Thank you.

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