Lezzie Liesbeth in Radfem Country

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I met Liesbeth first in 2011 during Creating Change in Minneapolis 2011. Her name in reality isn’t Liesbeth right now and it was a male name back then, because she was pre-transition. Liesbeth back then was a very gay boy that only needed very limited makeup and dress to pass perfectly. Every move had a feminine quality and I am pretty sure she was destined to transition. We didn’t get along back then, but we talked briefly at a party the Hilton. Lizzie is from Europe and back then she was totally into guys.

But things evolve, and sometimes are forced to evolve. I interacted a few times with her and me an a friend confronted her about a few things. When I met her last year she was in Amsterdam and we moved in similar circles there. She had transitioned to a degree she passed the ful 100%. In fact when she first visited her Dutch Physician the guy had to doublecheck when he offered her a Gynaecological test and she said something like “it doesn’t work that way”. He didn’t realize she’d been a boy.

A few years back when Elizabeth lived in the UK she experienced something pretty awful – she suffered serious sexual abuse and rape from two men while intoxicated. As with many trans girls her vagina couldn’t accomodate full on intercourse and she had a tear after the event. She had healed OK (I checked closeup lol) and as a result she had developed a serious anxiety disorder towards men. She could still feel comfortable with trans girls, in particular post-op trans girls (her fear encompassed penises in particular) and she had always been a little pan, so as a result she started dating girls more and more, especially girls that gave her a feeling they could protect her. At that time she lived with or very close to a lesbian, which I shall refer to as M.

M was relatively famous as a socalled “RadFem” and therein lies a certain irony. M developed very protective, jealous feelings towards Elizabeth, and got in to physical altercations with men, and other lesbians over her. Suffice to say that no self-respecting RadFem (or “gender critical feminist”) would ever be caught dead, quartered, dismembered and in a pickle jar with an actual trans girl, and since Elizabeth had always preferred taking uneccesary risks in life, “lving on the edge she called” she had succeeded in fooling this feminist lesbian M in to literally not realizing she had been a guy.

Let me insist – this is a very dangerous life path. Elizabeth really didn’t care for such frivolies as “consequences” but from the stories I am absolutely certain she risked literal death, if not torture. The vitriol I have seen online about RadFems, and the seething hatred for men, and incidentally transwomen, is of a Fundamentalist Jyhadi magnitude. These women don’t even want to sit in a spot where a men just sat.

The relationship lasted a few months and then the story started to creak a little – and no it wasn’t about menstruation -. M started feeling there was something wrong, there was a violent altercation, M accused Elizabeth of “looking at guys” and they parted ways. Almost immediately Elizabeth was effectively blacklisted in that particular RadFem niche and she felt like she had to move to avoid these people. Tensions did build, others in that scene might have been a bit less gullible, and the shunning turned to midnight silent phone calls. So Elizabeth moved apartments to another part of the London area, but the stalking got worse as Elizabeth had had a date with another Lesbian, one who wan’t a RadFem. But the word got around, and now the rumors were becoming dangerous. Elizabeth moved to Germany, didn’t feel at ease there and then moved to Amsterdam, where she still lives and does webcam sex work.

For sake of convenience – she knows I am writing this, she “more than doesn’t mind” and I let her proofread all this and she signed off on it.

This article so far would be completely superfluous, if not for some stories Elizabeth told as she inadvertently wormed her way in the RadFem scene. Being a tad naive, Elizabeth didn’t know what RadFems were until she was in deep over her head in what amounts to a violence saturated hate group – (her words, not mine). As I indicated, Elizabeth is someone who might not live to a high age, as she constantly courts danger. She does consider having been a lesbian a very therapeutic phase. She doesn’t consider herself strictly a lesbian any more and is now more Pan inclined again, and is in a healthy relationship with a very generous and patient older gentleman.

We talked a lot about her and I became mezmerized with the seething hatred this movement feels for men, and the underlying ideology and world view associated with the movement. Let’s make a few hard axiomatic statements.

  1. Most RadFems are Lesbians
  2. RadFems desire full aparthejd from Men and would literally pursue a female ethno state with literally no men.
  3. RadFems are by and large politically very conservative
  4. RadFems are using duplicity, threats, slander, to move politicians to get what they want
  5. There is a sizeable minority of RadFems that are interested in using science to generate female-on-female pregnancies
  6. RadFems seek not just to be equal to men – they seek to become societally superior to men – literally – through legislation. Some think there are literally “too many men” and would use whatever means at their disposal to reduce the number of men in society significantly. There is open discussion of literal genocide of men.
  7. RadFems are in near universally favor of the death penalty for men who rape women.
  8. RadFems specifically recruit raped women to their cause, and to a lesbian lifestyle.
  9. Some RadFems have started they consider rape a recruitment device, and Elizabeth strongly suspects in some cases RadFems have set up men to rape targeted women to induct certain women in to their lifestyle and community.
  10. RadFems maintain active contacts with the alt-right, ultra-conservative, racist, white power, fascist, ultra-religious and similar communities to help enact legislation and policies they desire.
  11. RadFems hate men but not as much as they viciously hate transwomen. According to Elizabeth the mere mention of socalled “trannies” is sufficient to make some Radfems physically distressed to the point of throwing up. Acording to Elizabeth RadFems covertly discuss ways to legislate from public life and and all transwomen, deliberating to publically characterize them as rapists, pedophyles, carrying and spreading diseases and virtually constantly close to psychosis. M insisted that ‘all trannies are borderliners”, which is a bit rich because M was herslef diagnosed with severe borderline disorder.
  12. RadFems support Trump and tend to be supportive of pro-life policies (except in the case of male offspring, in which case they don’t mind either abortion or de defacto euthanasia after birth). This may seem like an exaggeration but I have heard this repeated over and over as basically a core tenet of what groups in the UK currently consider mainstream RadFem thought.
  13. Some RadFems have children from previous interactions with men. According to Elizabeth she has seen subtle clues that these woman are mentally and physically abusive to male children – and such behavior is sanctioned in the community.

I fully realize in itself this article doesn’t mean much in the bigger picture. I can’t drag Elizabeth on camera and have her repeat all these statements “under oath”, and even then there would very like to be serious chance on violence, retalliation, release of senstitive details about past or other serious nuisance. And even then there would be the matter of providing evidence. Plus, in some jurisdictions not telling you are a transwoman and you sleep with a lesbian makes you subject to allegations of rape. I am not certain how this would work but Elizabeth seems to thing this is actually a risk, and if one thing Elizabeth is scared of prisons.

But I would warn society for RadFems. Conservative politicians realize what alliances you form and ask yourself if this serves your interests in the long run. To those Loud Voices who are leveraging statements by RadFems suggesting all kinds of horrible things about transwomen (vicious hearsay often quoted to enact legislation barring transwomen from all-female environments under pain of grave legal consequences) I say – know what you are dealing with, and “RadFems are not your friends”.

To my politicians, to all politicians I state unambigiously

T h i s i s a h a t e g r o u p

I live in Amsterdam and I never met any RadFems, as in ever. I dealt with lesbians but I don’t see much of a point in that. I have very few common grounds with the typical lesbians, although I do online game occasionally with one (and we share porn).

But I am very solidary with transwomen in other countries, and I know for a fact they are being actively targeted, by whatever means possible, to eradicate them, to roll back the universal idea that the law should legally recognize transwomen as women, that society should aide in emancipating transwoman and treat them for gender dysphoria by curating select (uhm how do I say this in the most “woke” manner?) gender reaffirmation treatments. I know for a fact RadFems and “Gender Criticals” are very effective in changing public opinion, they are constantly eroding the influence of more liberal feminists, they actively loathe leftists, and they preach violence whenever they have get away with it.

I believe there is ample cause for governments to keep a close watch on this movement, and screen them for crimes, misinformation, vindictive propaganda. They do not preach in secret what they say in public, AT ALL, and there is an active inner sanctum in their ranks that is dangerously radicalized and disjunct from civilized society.

I am also aware that writing this exposes me to fairly considerable danger. These are not gentle souls and they will stalk, harass, malign, gossip, provide false testimony, expose my private information or do whatever they can to terrorize me, even if this article is otherwise ignored by people. Imagine if this article goes viral – the fallout could be physically or societally quite dangerous. These girls don’t feel around.



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