And so it begins

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Infect Teh Interwebs

(whatsapp discussion)

[12:10, 17/05/2020] Khannea’s sex slave: What’s infuriating about it for you?
[12:11, 17/05/2020] Khannea: Because if this happens in the real world (a) it’s exploitative for some poor doped up women, possibly with a deep emotional trauma, or so poor she things she has to do this; (b) someone will die horribly.
[12:12, 17/05/2020] Khannea’s sex slave: Oh, i see. But fun fact is that many of the people who fo this kinf of stuff don’t do it for money but because they are really into it (i was pretty deep into furry comunity where ppl like this are easy to find)
[12:15, 17/05/2020] Khannea: I think I have a fetish for unrealistic fantasies primarily.
[12:15, 17/05/2020] Khannea’s sex slave : That’s valid, yeah. I’m like that aswell
[12:16, 17/05/2020] Khannea: Like, hulking futa demons violating succubus chicks.
[12:16, 17/05/2020] Khannea: Looks kinda raw. But in CGi it looks hot.
[12:22, 17/05/2020] Khannea’s sex slave : I preffer that kind of thing draeb rather than CG
[12:23, 17/05/2020] Khannea: I prefer consensual, safe, fun. Sure, harsh and raw fantasy scenarios, sure “emulating the impossible”. Always sex positive. That’s why I am a transhumanist.
[12:25, 17/05/2020] Khannea’s sex slave : So do i, and i would probably be transhumanist too if i bothered to look up what it actually means
[12:25, 17/05/2020] Khannea:
[12:26, 17/05/2020] Khannea:
[12:26, 17/05/2020] Khannea: Valkyri was a bit premature
[12:27, 17/05/2020] Khannea: 2034? probably
[12:28, 17/05/2020] Khannea: Can you imagine all those angry bitter homely incels turned into beautiful futanari swans?
[12:28, 17/05/2020] Khannea: Awesome.
[12:28, 17/05/2020] Khannea: Paradise
[12:28, 17/05/2020] Khannea’s sex slave: Sounds fun
[12:30, 17/05/2020] Khannea’s sex slave : I would still like to be fully functional female
[12:30, 17/05/2020] Khannea: Of course me too.
[12:30, 17/05/2020] Khannea: But there is one thing.
[12:31, 17/05/2020] Khannea’s sex slave : Hm?
[12:31, 17/05/2020] Khannea: I also want to be far above average pretty. And young, say age 23-ish. And extremely healthy. And an olympic level athletic. And able to metabolize alcohol better. Oh and sexually as vibrant and passionate as I was at my 20th. And why not a little tail and horns? Oh and cybereyes. Upgraded vagina?
[12:31, 17/05/2020] Khannea: See, it never ends. Transhumanism. Always room for improvement.
[12:32, 17/05/2020] Khannea: Always new horizons, new adventures. New presents to unpack on christmas, and Santa cums E VE R Y D A Y

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