By Khannea Suntzu

I am Khannea. Besides a whole lot of other things, I am a transgendered (MtF) person living in the Hague, in the Netherlands. I have my ideals and large parts of my ideals can no longer be realized by SENS-based Life Extension, or a Kurzweil based Singularity, or a David Pearce based take-off of geo-engineering Ethic Thechnologis.. I realize not many people are overly fond of either trajectories for the species, but I can’t make myself care much. I reality I am fairly weak, in numerous ways and I don’t like that. I don’t like being vulnerable, least of all emotionally. In my idealized version of myself I am strong, much more longlived, much prettier, much more rational, much more robust – and a lot of other things besides.

So in essence I am a work in progress, and my voyage is only partway finished. I don’t expect many people to understand or even want to understand. That’s fine by me. Google me on Facebook, FetLife and an assortment of other sources.

Am I doing art or self-deception? I am not sure. My friend Amanda keeps insisting – it’s all right around the corner. We need only wait at this stage. I hope she’s right.

  1. cybr spore says:

    I met you in second life and figured it was time to subscribe to your blog. It keeps coming up regularly so I am here anyway. See you in-world sometime. <3

  2. xeno octavia says:

    hi khannea
    got here thru Rhia’s note
    really kool site
    [only prob is like today — dont kno if 930 am or pm]
    but love ur intentionality!
    will have to pass u a copy of
    ‘Affirmations of Spiritual Commu/inity’
    next i see u : ))

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