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By Khannea Suntzu
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I was studying Game Design in 2008-2009. For me that felt like yesterday, but I do realize that 8 years ago is for a lot of people a long time ago. Likewise I started my main character in eve (whose name I won’t mention here) in 2006, and in comparison 2006 is emotionally a lot longer in my past in comparison, I wasn’t especially talented or motivated in Game Design and likewise I was never a particularly savvy Eve player. But I am just smitten with the genre and the game. I can just play eve online like an utter tourist these days. The ships are breathtaking and every time I am introduced to a genre that makes me speculate – compels me to speculate – I just love it. Eve makes me speculate. When my vessel trawls the uncharted depths of the game I am just stunned speechless how far the game progressed since my starting days. Even back then it was unfathomably huge for me and the challenges posed in-game utterly bewildering and often overwhelming. So no, I have very few pretenses I am talented or good in Eve, but I am extremely fascinated and bedazzled.

So a long time ago I wrote a clumsy analysis and a wish/suggestion list for CCP. Pretentious, uppity me one might conclude. But I read back the original mostly unreadable and dense original 80+ page PDF article a few weeks back since I am currently and for the next few months playing eve and it actually dawned on me that conceivably yes, I am getting the idea someone at CCP did in fact read the PDF and took a few ideas from it. One can only congratulate yourself every now and then, right?

So I am going to update and rewrite that article with a lot more modest suggestions, vis-a-vis a persnal wish list, and maybe a few very cautious criticisms. As my real life evolved (and, oh boy do I have one crazy decade behind me) I grew a lot more modest, a lot less ego driven and the tone of my suggestions will reflect this.

A lot of what I will suggest/wishlist/speculate and criticize about is essentially little else than fanfic extrapolation. In my mind’s eye I am a billionaire “giving unlimited game design assets to CCP” and asking them to develop very specifc key features. It’s all a fantasy I have, to see the amazing game become even more amazing, substantially bigger (100K averae server concurrency per day, anyone?) and offer significantly more diverse gaming experiences.

People reading this may not know everything about me there is to know about me and let me be brief in that regard – I am Khannea S. (legal name), living in the Hague, Netherlands. My email address of 10+ years is khannea.suntzu@gmail.com, I am a m2f transgender woman. Politically I regard myself socialist-libertarian, I am ‘Singulariatarian’, Transhumanist, moderately Extropian, in favor of life extension and fairly well-connected to the transhumanist (et.al) community. In my real life I am a widow (..) and aside from owning a somewhat malodorous bull-terrier, not in any long term relationship at the time of me writing this.

♠ Good, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Dangers

What I like so much about Eve

Sandbox environment
Time based skill trees
Immersive realism
Realpolitik and nihilism
More than a token attempt to depict hard science fiction
Grownup/Mature learning curve
Eve can easily become significantly bigger than it is today

What are opportunities for Eve Online

Significantly improved hard science

What uhm.. might be construed as a frailty of Eve Online

The game does foment a lousy mentality with some

Actual long term risks for Eve Online

Eve is not particularly well-liked outside the community
Character/Skill populations and saturation
Player base rot

♠ Ship Crews

The whole idea of ship crews in the EO community is exceedingly contested idea. Reasons for so many people not liking the idea are varied – I’vbe heard arguments such as – (1) the implementation of crew would throw existing gameplay equilibrium in disarray, (2) those with lots of money would further increase their strangehold over less endowed pilots, (3) it would take up so much time to minmax even more aspects of a ship, (4) it would create major potential for game development towards vulnerabilities (such as crew lethal weapons, boarding) and (5) it would be a gruesome money sink if you lose ships relatively often or even (6) all ships are fully automated.

The latter is no longer the case. Ships are officially crews in Eve Online, with live human meat.

Stat. Avg. Survivor Rate is a notional average value for crew members and passengers combined, based on typical ship-to-ship scenarios. In cases where a ship gets one-shotted by a Titan super-weapon, for instance, there would most likely be no survivors at all; however, if a ship is slowly whittled down through armor and hull before blowing up, we can assume that maybe 80% or even 90% of its crew would get away in escape pods.

Crew Statistics

Class (All Tiers)

Minimum Crew (NPC)

Minimum Crew (Capsuleer)

Maximum Capacity

Stat. Avg. Survivor Rate <

1 – 2


5 – 8


2 – 10

1 – 3

10 – 40


10 – 30

6 – 20

40 – 90


20 – 75

10 – 50

200 – 700

5 – 10%


40 – 170

15 – 100

300 – 950

15 – 30%


200 – 550

100 – 300

4,000 – 9,500

25 – 50%


700 – 1,500

350 – 700

10,000 – 18,000

30 – 60%


600 – 1,200

300 – 800

10,000 – 25,000

15 – 30%


1,500 – 3,000

1,000 – 1,700

20,000 – 50,000

40 – 60%


6,000 – 10,000

3,000 – 6,000

70,000 – 145,000

20 – 80%*

Ship crews – the noncommital deault

In the long run ship crews as a simulation “affordance” is inescapable

Time-development and betterment of crews

Standing crews imply (and require) off-ship facilities and connections

Trading quality or specialized crews

Crews as a component of ship modules

Ship Boarding

♠ Ship Docking

More diverse Station types and more diversified station sizes and services

The docking procedure

Current stations are just beauttiful. Very inspiring to watch – I am only having some problems wrapping my head around the rationale of who stations have the shapes they do have.

♠ Occupying/Squatting Existing Structures

♠ The Captain’s Bridge View

♠ My Ideal Fifth Race

Contrasts with existing four player character races

Star map

A new way to get around – Automated NPC Bulk Jump Stations

♠ Significantly Improved Science

Realism in planetary systems

Planetary colonization and resource development

Jovian planets and Rings

– (novel) Seveneves
– (phenomenon) Kessler Syndrome

White Dwarfs, Neutron stars, Pulsars, Black holes

Giant Stars

O’Neill Type Habtats

Space elevators (and variants!)

< H4>♠ New Ship Types

Littoral vessel variants

♠ High end gaming niche – “Mogulization”

an important or powerful person, especially in the motion picture or media industry.
synonyms: magnate, tycoon, VIP, notable, personage, baron, captain, king, lord, grandee, nabob;

Power game politics

Expanding the simulatory scope of the Corporate Device

Player controlled-NPC organizations

Player Controlled Authorities

Player Controlled Ideological Movements

Player Controlled Criminal Syndicates

“…Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in..”.
– Don Corleone

Player Controlled Pirate Clades


Dune: Looking athe Amarr, it is self-evident the Amarr were in significant part inspired by the more morbid aspects of the political backstory of the Frank Herbert Dune novels.

♠ Random Unclassified ideas

Downtime or “Character dormancy”

Specific ship wrecks
Specific ship wreck after effects

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