The Dream

By Khannea Suntzu
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Looking for mature, worldly, openminded players. I might move to Amsterdam in May. Game might be pathfinder, 3.5, or completely diceless storytelling, with heavy emphasis on “collaborative worldbuilding”. I got a world been working on that for a long long loooong time, and might as well give it a try for a longterm campaign. Longest running D&D campaign I ran was 11 years. Looking to play an absolute minimum of twice monthly or more.

The idea is 2 groups play back-to-back in a competetive manner, but characters can’t kill one another. One group is “natives”, the other is “intruders”, but eventually I might add other groups along other themes. Each group should be 3-5 players. My themes tend to be a bit harsh, raw and in-your-face. I tend to be a bit harsh, raw and in-your-face myself. I do have a reputation that’s not so savory in some circles. There will be gossip. A lot happened in the past, not everything was so peachy.

I would have space to play in May or thereabouts (about 100 meters from Centraal), but I would love to hear from people who are really interested well before that. Tell me what you’d like to play.

Characters of the invading variety start in the real world, somewhere in Europe “a few years from now”. Characters of the native variety start really weird, somewhere “in some fantasy world”, but in a really weird way. Try come up with a character and don’t hold back onm yoyr imagination, initially preferably humans unless you have a tangible/compelling idea.


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